Year - DayTitle (Click on Link)ExpertLast NameFirst Name
2019 - Day 3When Migraine Disables But Doesn"t HurtShazia Afridi, MD, PhDAfridiShazia
2023 - Day 3 Migraine Care for Busy People: New Online Health Solutions Zubair Ahmed, MDAhmedZubair
2017 - Day 3Unrelenting Daily Headaches and MigrainesZubair Ahmed, MDAhmedZubair
2024 - Day 1Controlling Chronic MigraineJessica Ailani, MD, FAHS, FAANAilaniJessica
2023 - Day 3Nondrug Migraine Treatments That WorkJessica Ailani, MD, FAHS, FAANAilaniJessica
2022 - Day 1Expert Tips to Manage Persistent Migraine PainJessica Ailani, MD, FAHS, FAANAilaniJessica
2020 - Day 3Hormonal Migraine Seasons in a Woman"s LifeJessica Ailani, MD, FAHS, FAANAilaniJessica
2019 - Day 4Medication for Prevention: Know Your OptionsAnna Andreou, PhDAndreouAnna
2020 - Day 4Autoimmune Diseases and Facial PainHossein Ansari, MDAnsariHossein
2022 - Day 7Chronic Disease on Social Media: Helpful or Harmful?Cynthia E. Armand, MDArmandCynthia
2020 - Day 6Food and Nutrition For MigraineCynthia E. Armand, MDArmandCynthia
2024 - Day 6Beyond 50: Insights Into Migraine That Ages With UsMessoud Ashina, MDAshinaMessoud
2023 - Day 8Migraine & Headache Research FrontiersMessoud Ashina, MDAshinaMessoud
2022 - Day 210 Steps to Migraine Management Your Doctor Should be TakingMessoud Ashina, MDAshinaMessoud
2021 - Day 7When Migraine Starts or Stays in Your NeckSait Ashina, MDAshinaSait
2024 - Day 6How Migraine & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Are ConnectedJames BaraniukBaraniukJames
2019 - Day 6The Latest on Medical Marijuana for MigraineEric Baron, DOBaronEric
2016 - Day 3Medicinal CannabisEric Baron, DOBaronEric
2020 - Day 4Understanding Migraine-Related Mood DisordersSteven Baskin, PhDBaskinSteven
2020 - Day 1Triumph Over a Private PainAmanda BeardBeardAmanda
2024 - Day 6How To Manage Migraine Stigma at WorkOlivia Begasse de DhaemBegasse de DhaemOlivia
2021 - Day 8Understanding Vestibular MigraineShin Beh, MDBehShin
2019 - Day 6Botox: Separating Fact from FictionAndrew Blumenfeld, MDBlumenfeldAndrew
2018 - Day 7Treatment Spotlight: Nerve Blocks and InjectionsAndrew Blumenfeld, MDBlumenfeldAndrew
2024 - Day 3Supplements & Foods That Ease MigraineRobert Bonakdar, MDBonakdarRobert
2021 - Day 3How Weight Affects Migraine DiseaseDale Bond, PhDBondDale
2018 - Day 8How to Thrive in Your Career Despite MigraineSerene BransonBransonSerene
2019 - Day 5How Posture and Massage Affect MigraineMark Braschinsky, MDBraschinskyMark
2018 - Day 5Cluster Headache: One Man"s Journey Through PainScott BruceBruceScott
2024 - Day 6Tension Headache or Migraine? Differences and MisdiagnosesRebecca C. Burch, MD, FAHSBurchRebecca
2021 - Day 7Juggling Multiple Conditions With MigraineRebecca C. Burch, MD, FAHSBurchRebecca
2017 - Day 3Using Mindfulness to Fight Chronic PainVidyamala BurchBurchVidyamala
2020 - Day 5The Science of Light Sensitivity and How to Manage ItRami Burstein, PhDBursteinRami
2024 - Day 7Brain-Related Comorbidities of MigraineDawn Buse, PhDBuseDawn
2023 - Day 6How Migraine Affects Our Mental HealthDawn Buse, PhDBuseDawn
2022 - Day 8Staying Hopeful: Treatment Burnout in Chronic DiseaseDawn Buse, PhDBuseDawn
2019 - Day 10Cultivating Resilience and Strength Through MigraineDawn Buse, PhDBuseDawn
2018 - Day 1How Depression Affects Your Mood: Anxiety & DepressionDawn Buse, PhDBuseDawn
2017 - Day 1Is Your Family Time Affected by Migraine?Dawn Buse, PhDBuseDawn
2016 - Day 1Behavioral Approaches / Impact of Childhood AbuseDawn Buse, PhDBuseDawn
2023 - Day 5Real-World Data on Treatments, Triggers & WeatherFrancois CadiouCadiouFrancois
2018 - Day 6The Most Common Treatments Patients UseFrancois CadiouCadiouFrancois
2016 - Day 6Why Keep a Migraine Record?Francois CadiouCadiouFrancois
2021 - Day 6Shortening Attacks with Early Migraine InterventionAndrew Charles, MDCharlesAndrew
2019 - Day 4Neck Pain and Migraine: Trigger or SymptomAndrew Charles, MDCharlesAndrew
2019 - Day 10The New Era of Migraine: Hope and HelpAndrew Charles, MDCharlesAndrew
2018 - Day 36 Medications That Can Make Migraine WorkAndrew Charles, MDCharlesAndrew
2017 - Day 2Recognizing and Treating 4 Phases of MigraineAndrew Charles, MDCharlesAndrew
2017 - Day 3When Medications Actually Trigger PainLarry Charleston IV, MDCharlestonLarry
2019 - Day 10My Migraine Journey - Kristin ChenowethKristin ChenowethChenowethKristin
2023 - Day 6LGBTQ Migraine Care DisparitiesJoe CoeCoeJoe
2024 - Day 5Neuromodulation Devices: Proven Drug-Free Treatment for MigraineFred Cohen, MDCohenFred
2023 - Day 7Is Migraine a Progressive Disease?Fred Cohen, MDCohenFred
2024 - Day 5Unofficial Side Effects of CGRP Monoclonal AntibodiesRobert Cowan, MDCowanRobert
2022 - Day 5Long-Term Effects of New Migraine MedicationsRobert Cowan, MDCowenRobert
2020 - Day 2Why Most Doctors Get the Diagnosis WrongRobert Cowan, MDCowenRobert
2018 - Day 6Best Natural, Affordable and Free TreatmentsRobert Cowan, MDCowenRobert
2016 - Day 1Migraine Causes & TriggersRobert Cowan, MDCowenRobert
2018 - Day 8Good Migraine Self-Care PracticesAudrey CravenCravenAudrey
2022 - Day 5Strategies to Boost Brain HealthKrystal L. Culler, DBH, MACullerKrystal
2016 - Day 6Modelling Neurological DiseaseMarkus Dahlem, PhDDahlemMarkus
2019 - Day 10My Migraine Journey - Terrell DavisTerrell DavisDavisTerrell
2021 - Day 4Yoga For Migraine: Does It Help?Adriane DellorcoDellorcoAdriane
2016 - Day 5Medicinal Treatments & Status MigraineMerle Diamond, MDDiamondMerle
2016 - Day 3Resources for PatientsSeymour Diamond, MDDiamondSeymour
2018 - Day 2Migraine, Vision and Occipital NeuralgiaKathleen Digre, MDDigreKathleen
2017 - Day 4Managing Light Sensitivity and MigraineKathleen Digre, MDDigreKathleen
2022 - Day 6Learning How to Sleep Better with MigraineAlex Dimitriu, MDDimitriuAlex
2022 - Day 5New Daily Persistent Headache: Causes, Symptoms & TreatmentDavid Dodick, MDDodickDavid
2021 - Day 2Discovering New Treatments Worth TryingDavid Dodick, MDDodickDavid
2019 - Day 7Controlling Unresponsive Chronic MigraineDavid Dodick, MDDodickDavid
2018 - Day 2The Mechanics of a Migraine in the Brain and BodyDavid Dodick, MDDodickDavid
2017 - Day 3Rare Migraine Types: Vestibular, Hemiplegic, ComplicatedDavid Dodick, MDDodickDavid
2021 - Day 1Latest Strategies for Chronic Migraine ControlCarrie Dougherty, MD, FAHSDoughertyCarrie
2021 - Day 8Highlights Webinar 2021Paula Dumas & Carl CincinnatoDumasPaula
2019 - Day 9Highlights from the 2019 Migraine World SummitPaula K. DumasDumasPaula
2016 - Day 4Juggling Work, Family & MigrainePaula K. DumasDumasPaula
2016 - Day 4How Patients Can Get Involved in ResearchGerald EdmundsEdmundsGerald
2018 - Day 7Treatment Spotlight: Anti CGRP Treatments for MigraineLars Edvinsson, MDEdvinssonLars
2023 - Day 8Concussion & Continuous Post-Traumatic HeadacheAlan Finkel, MDFinkelAlan
2022 - Day 6How We Got to Now: A History of MigraineKatherine FoxhallFoxhallKatherine
2024 - Day 4When Headache Starts Behind the EyesDeborah Friedman, MD, MPH, FAAN, FAHSFriedmanDeborah
2023 - Day 2Latest Migraine Treatment LandscapeDeborah Friedman, MD, MPH, FAAN, FAHSFriedmanDeborah
2022 - Day 1The Latest New Treatments for MigraineDeborah Friedman, MD, MPH, FAAN, FAHSFriedmanDeborah
2021 - Day 3Light Sensitivity and Therapy for MigraineDeborah Friedman, MD, MPH, FAAN, FAHSFriedmanDeborah
2020 - Day 3Common Traps Of Chronic MigraineDeborah Friedman, MD, MPH, FAAN, FAHSFriedmanDeborah
2019 - Day 3Diagnosing Pressure Headaches vs. CSF LeaksDeborah Friedman, MD, MPH, FAAN, FAHSFriedmanDeborah
2017 - Day 6Research Pipeline: New Migraine Therapies in DevelopmentDeborah Friedman, MD, MPH, FAAN, FAHSFriedmanDeborah
2016 - Day 3Cluster HeadacheDeborah Friedman, MD, MPH, FAAN, FAHSFriedmanDeborah
2016 - Day 3Coping with Multiple Chronic IllnessesJanet GeddisGeddisJanet
2020 - Day 4Disabling Nausea and Cyclical VomitingAmy Gelfand, MDGelfandAmy
2017 - Day 5Best Therapies that are Safe for KidsAmy Gelfand, MDGelfandAmy
2019 - Day 5CGRP and Butterbur: Comparing the EvidencePierangelo Geppetti, MDGeppettiPierangelo
2017 - Day 5Calling in Sick: An Employer"s Perspective of Migraine at WorkBrian Gifford, MDGiffordBrian
2018 - Day 8The Challenges of Living With DisabilityAngie GlaserGlaserAngie
2024 - Day 2Migraine Biochemistry: CGRP & BeyondPeter Goadsby, MDGoadsbyPeter
2021 - Day 1Unlocking the Mystery of Migraine PathogenesisPeter Goadsby, MDGoadsbyPeter
2020 - Day 7The Latest New Treatment InnovationsPeter Goadsby, MDGoadsbyPeter
2018 - Day 1The Keys to Finding New TreatmentsPeter Goadsby, MDGoadsbyPeter
2017 - Day 1The Top 10 Migraine Myths to BustPeter Goadsby, MDGoadsbyPeter
2022 - Day 7Osmophobia: Scent-Induced MigraineFrederick Godley, MDGodleyFrederick
2018 - Day 5Vertigo, Sinus, Allergy and Other Facial SymptomsFrederick Godley, MDGodleyFrederick
2018 - Day 2Understanding the Gut-Brain Connection in MigraineTrupti Gokani, MDGokaniTrupi
2020 - Day 8Navigating Insurance and Access IssuesKatie GoldenGoldenKatie
2021 - Day 8How Your Gut and Sleep Affect MigraineStasha Gominak, MDGominakStasha
2022 - Day 6Chronic Cluster HeadacheChristopher Gottschalk, MD, FAHSGottschalkChristopher
2019 - Day 7The Keys to Better Emergency CareChristopher Gottschalk, MD, FAHSGottschalkChristopher
2024 - Day 7Protectng Our Kids: Navigating Migraine at SchoolAmy GrahamGrahamAmy
2016 - Day 5Placebo & NoceboMark Green, MDGreenMark
2016 - Day 2Proven Dietary InterventionsMichael Greger, MDGregerMichael
2022 - Day 4Understanding The Genetics of HeadacheLyn Griffiths, PhDGriffithsLyn
2020 - Day 2Migraine Genetics, MTHFR and ConcussionLyn Griffiths, PhDGriffithsLyn
2017 - Day 2Migraine Genetics: Unlocking a Cure for MigraineLyn Griffiths, PhDGriffithsLyn
2016 - Day 3Migraine Genes & Genetic MutationsLyn Griffiths, PhDGriffithsLyn
2020 - Day 7Real World Use of CGRP MedicationsBrian Grosberg, MDGrosbergBrian
2017 - Day 6Neuromodulation: New Devices That Can Ease PainBrian Grosberg, MDGrosbergBrian
2024 - Day 3Is Migraine a Brain Energy Problem?Elena GrossGrossElena
2017 - Day 4Living As Well As Possible with Chronic PainJenni Grover ProkopyGrover ProkopyJenni
2024 - Day 5Migraine, TMD & Neck PainRashmi Halker Singh, MDHalker SinghRashmi
2019 - Day 7Treating Attacks: Real Patient Case StudiesRashmi Halker Singh, MDHalker SinghRashmi
2021 - Day 6Sex Headaches: Serious or Just Awkward?Katherine Hamilton, MDHamiltonKatherine
2017 - Day 5Best and Worst Supplements for MigraineAndrea Harriott, MDHarriottAndrea
2024 - Day 4New Daily Persistent Headache: Pain That Won’t StopAndrew HersheyHersheyAndrew
2017 - Day 5Arts & Healing: Coping via Creative ExpressionPing HoHoPing
2021 - Day 3How to Manage Weather TriggersJan Hoffmann MD, PhDHoffmannJan
2019 - Day 2How to Interpret Migraine ResearchAnders Hougaard MD, PhDHougaardAnders
2017 - Day 1Managing Hormonal Migraines Through MenopauseSusan Hutchinson, MHutchinsonSusan
2017 - Day 5Migraine Statistics and CostsLars Jacob Stovner, MDJacob StovnerLars
2017 - Day 6You"re Not Alone: What People Don"t Get About MigraineLisa JacobsonJacobsonLisa
2018 - Day 7Treatment Spotlight: Botox for Chronic MigraineBronwyn Jenkins, MDJenkinsBronwyn
2016 - Day 3Advocacy & Lobbying GovernmentEileen Jones RN, PHNJonesEileen
2020 - Day 8Cognition and Aging Well With MigraineShivang Joshi, MD, MPH, RphJoshiShivang
2019 - Day 4Drug Interactions with Common Migraine MedsShivang Joshi, MD, MPH, RphJoshiShivang
2023 - Day 1Beyond the Pain: Other Migraine SymptomsNazia Karsan, MRCP, PhDKarsanNazia
2016 - Day 2Light Sensitivity in Migraine PatientsBradley Katz, MDKatzBradley
2017 - Day 2Shifting Cultural Perceptions About MigraineJoanna Kempner, PhDKempnerJoanna
2023 - Day 8Easing Into Movement and MindfulnessShirley KesselKesselShirley
2019 - Day 2Clinical Errors that Undermine Migraine CareZaza Katsarava, MD, PhDKkatsaravaZaza
2024 - Day 1Neurological Research PrioritiesWalter KoroshetzKoroshetzWalter
2022 - Day 4Drug-Free Devices for Modulating MigraineDeena Kuruvilla, MD, FAHSKuruvillaDeena
2021 - Day 4How An Integrative Approach Can Help MigraineDeena Kuruvilla, MD, FAHSKuruvillaDeena
2022 - Day 4Physical Therapy Modalities for Headache & PainAli Ladak, PT, DPT, PhDLadakAli
2019 - Day 8Thriving with Multiple Chronic IllnessesNim LalvaniLalvaniNim
2024 - Day 2Menopause, Perimenopause & MigraineChristine Lay, MD, FAHSLayChristine
2022 - Day 2Persistent Chronic Migraine Symptoms Between AttacksChristine Lay, MD, FAHSLayChristine
2021 - Day 8Overcoming Monthly Menstrual MigraineChristine Lay, MD, FAHSLayChristine
2019 - Day 1Sleep, Insomnia and EnergyChristine Lay, MD, FAHSLayChristine
2019 - Day 8Beware: CGRP Access Challenges AheadKevin LenaburgLenaburgKevin
2024 - Day 8Finding Migraine ReliefElizabeth Leroux, MD, FRCPCLerouxElizabeth
2022 - Day 3Complementary and Integrative Treatments for MigraineElizabeth Leroux, MD, FRCPCLerouxElizabeth
2020 - Day 5How Fasting, Weight and Dehydration Affect Your BrainElizabeth Leroux, MD, FRCPCLerouxElizabeth
2019 - Day 1Dodging False Promises and Treatment ClaimsElizabeth Leroux, MD, FRCPCLerouxElizabeth
2021 - Day 4Recovering from Trauma and ConcussionMorris Levin, MDLevinMorris
2020 - Day 1Hiding in the Spotlight: Celebrities with MigraineAndrew LevyLevyAndrew
2021 - Day 3Preventing Attacks Before They HappenJan Lewis Brandes, MDLewis BrandesJan
2019 - Day 5Migraine and Exercise: Trigger or Preventitive?Mattias Linde, MD, PhDLindeMattias
2024 - Day 8Is Migraine Linked With Cognitve Decline or Dementia?Richard Lipton, MDLiptonRichard
2022 - Day 8The Latest Developments in Migraine ResearchRichard Lipton, MDLiptonRichard
2021 - Day 2Moving Through the Pain: Exercise and MigraineRichard Lipton, MDLiptonRichard
2018 - Day 7Treatment Spotlight: Triptans and ReboundRichard Lipton, MDLiptonRichard
2017 - Day 6Managing Migraine Emergencies: Avoiding the ERRichard Lipton, MDLiptonRichard
2016 - Day 2Progressive Risk FactorsRichard Lipton, MDLiptonRichard
2024 - Day 3Migraine FOMO: Are You Missing Out?Katie MacDonaldMacDonaldKatie
2023 - Day 2Balancing Hormones for Migraine ManagementAnne MacGregor, MDMacGregorAnne
2019 - Day 4Hormonal Contraception and HRT for MigraineAnne MacGregor, MDMacGregorAnne
2018 - Day 4Menopause, Hormones and MigraineAnne MacGregor, MDMacGregorAnne
2022 - Day 7WomenÕs Health Inequities and MigraineMonica P. Mallampalli, PhDMallampalliMonica
2019 - Day 7Hope for Refractory Chronic MigrainePaolo Martelletti, MDMartellettiPaolo
2020 - Day 8Migraine and Psychological ComorbiditiesPaul R. MartinMartinPaul
2017 - Day 6Behavioural Treatments for MigrainePaul R. MartinMartinPaul
2024 - Day 2The Gut Factor: Exploring the Role of Digestive Health in MigraineVince Martin, MD, AQHMartinVince
2023 - Day 8Making the Most Out of Your DoctorÕs AppointmentVince Martin, MD, AQHMartinVince
2022 - Day 3Ehlers-Danlos, Connective Tissue Disorders & MigraineVince Martin, MD, AQHMartinVince
2021 - Day 5Migraine Diets and Food TriggersVince Martin, MD, AQHMartinVince
2020 - Day 5Weather, Food, and More: The Truth About TriggersVince Martin, MD, AQHMartinVince
2018 - Day 4Surviving Weather-Related MigraineVince Martin, MD, AQHMartinVince
2024 - Day 2How Much Is Too Much Excedrin Migraine?Paul Mathew, MD, DNBPAS, FAAN, FAHSMathewPaul
2023 - Day 4Alcohol and MigrainePaul Mathew, MD, DNBPAS, FAAN, FAHSMathewPaul
2018 - Day 4TMD/TMJ Jaw-Related Headache IssuesPaul Mathew, MD, DNBPAS, FAAN, FAHSMathewPaul
2016 - Day 2Sinus Headache & SurgeriesPaul Mathew, MD, DNBPAS, FAAN, FAHSMathewPaul
2023 - Day 5Safety Update: DHE, Triptans, Magnesium, Butterbur & MoreAlexander Mauskop, MDMauskopAlexander
2020 - Day 6Supplements and Natural AlternativesAlexander Mauskop, MDMauskopAlexander
2016 - Day 1Proven Drug-Free Migraine TreatmentsAlexander Mauskop, MDMauskopAlexander
2016 - Day 5Menstrual & Hormonal MigraineMaryann Mays, MDMaysMaryann
2023 - Day 6What to Do if Your CGRP Treatment DoesnÕt HelpPeter McAllister, MD, FAANMcAllisterPeter
2022 - Day 3Autoimmune Disease and Migraine: A Closer LookPeter McAllister, MD, FAANMcAllisterPeter
2021 - Day 6Autoimmune Disease and Migraine: What's the Link?Peter McAllister, MD, FAANMcAllisterPeter
2019 - Day 3Alternative Treatments for Cluster HeadacheBrian E. McGeeney, MD, MPH, MBAMcGeeneyBrian
2023 - Day 4Sinus Headache Misdiagnosis & TreatmentMark E. Mehle, MD, FACSMehleMark
2018 - Day 2Migraine Triggers, Protectors and Severity ModifiersAlec Mian, PhDMianAlec
2016 - Day 4How to Find Your Migraine ProtectorsAlec Mian, PhDMianAlec
2023 - Day 7Mindfulness for Migraine & Pain ReliefMia T. Minen, MD, MPH, FAHSMinenMia
2020 - Day 2How Concussion and Head Injuries Lead to MigraineMia Minen, MD, MPHMinenMia
2019 - Day 2Scans and Tests: Do You Really Need One?Dimos-Dimitrios Mitsikostas, MD, PhDMitsikostasDimos-Dimitrios
2023 - Day 4Improving Continuous Headache DisordersTeshamae Monteith, MDMonteithTeshamae
2016 - Day 4Chronic Migraine & Complications of MigraineTeshamae Monteith, MDMonteithTeshamae
2019 - Day 5Can a Ketogenic Diet Prevent Migraine?Angel Moreno, NPMorenoAngel
2024 - Day 5Advocacy, Access & Migraine at WorkRob MusicMusicRob
2016 - Day 2Eastern & Western Approaches for MigraineRomie Mustaq, MDMustaqRomie
2023 - Day 5How to Get Back From Chronic to Episodic MigraineStephanie J. Nahas, MD, MSEd, FAHS, FAANNahasStephanie
2023 - Day 2Practical Changes to Reduce Migraine FrequencyLauren R. Natbony, MD, FAHSNatbonyLauren
2019 - Day 2Tension Type Headache vs. MigraineLawrence C. Newman, MDNewmanLawrence
2018 - Day 3Daily, Unresponsive Refractory HeadacheLawrence C. Newman, MDNewmanLawrence
2017 - Day 6Best Acute Treatments You May Not Have TriedLawrence C. Newman, MDNewmanLawrence
2016 - Day 5Botox & Other Migraine TreatmentsKarl Ng, MDNgKarl
2024 - Day 8Genetics Research: Hope for a Future of Personalized Migraine CareDale NyholtNyholtDale
2016 - Day 1Migraine in Children & AdolescentsChristopher Oakley, MDOakleyChristopher
2023 - Day 2Why Sleep Problems Plague Kids & Adults With MigraineJudith Owens, MD, MPHOwensJudith
2017 - Day 2Navigating Love, Marriage and MigraineLes Parrott, PhDParrottLes
2023 - Day 1The Gut-Brain Connection in MigraineJay Pasricha, MD, MBBSPasrichaJay
2022 - Day 8How WomenÕs Hormones Affect MigraineJelena Pavlovic, MD, PhDPavlovicJelena
2020 - Day 7Multi-Disciplined Approach to Migraine ManagementTine Poole, MDPooleTine
2023 - Day 7European Headache Treatment UpdatePatricia Pozo-Rosich, MD, PhDPoso RosichPatricia
2022 - Day 6Navigating COVID with Migraine in EuropePatricia Pozo Rosich, MD, PhDPoso RosichPatricia
2020 - Day 3How Pain Works in the Migraine BrainPatricia Pozo-Rosich, MD, PhDPoso RosichPatricia
2019 - Day 1How to Get the Most from Your DoctorPatricia Pozo-Rosich, MD, PhDPoso RosichPatricia
2017 - Day 1Solving the Puzzle of What"s Causing MigrainesPatricia Pozo Rosich, MD, PhDPoso RosichPatricia
2022 - Day 7Best Practices for Treating Children With MigraineScott W. Powers, PhD, ABPP, FAHSPowersScott
2024 - Day 7Could Biomarkers Improve Migraine Diagnosis?Patricia Pozo-Rosich, MD, PhDPozo-RosichPatricia
2018 - Day 1Aging with Migraine: Changes and Long Term EffectsAllan Purdy, MDPurdyAllan
2017 - Day 1How to Make Sure You Actually Have MigraineAllan Purdy, MDPurdyAllan
2023 - Day 1Brain Retraining for Chronic PainBethany Ranes, PhDRanesBethany
2016 - Day 1Medication Overuse HeadachesAlan Rapoport, MDRapoportAlan
2023 - Day 7Managing Migraine in the EastK. Ravishankar, MDRavishankerK
2019 - Day 6Treatment Spotlight: Ditans and GepantsUwe Reuter, MD, PhD, MBAReuterUwe
2016 - Day 5Neurostimulation & CefalyPierre Rigaux, MDRigauxPierre
2024 - Day 4What to Expect: Nurtec ODT, Ubrelvy, Qulipta & ZavzpretMatthew Robbins, MDRobbinsMatthew
2022 - Day 1Migraine Long Haulers: Lasting EffectsMatthew Robbins, MDRobbinsMatthew
2021 - Day 4Headache and Migraine in Later LifeMatthew Robbins, MDRobbinsMatthew
2017 - Day 4Planning for Pregnancy with MigraineMatthew Robbins, MDRobbinsMatthew
2021 - Day 1Finding Resilience With Migraine, Its Comorbidities, and COVIDNoah Rosen, MD, FAHSRosenNoah
2020 - Day 8Migraine at Work: Issues and ProgressElena Ruiz de la TorreRuiz de la TorreElena
2021 - Day 7Understanding Treatment Failure and OptionsSimona Sacco, MDSaccoSimona
2023 - Day 3How to Avoid or Prepare for the ERJaime SandersSandersJaime
2019 - Day 8Beyond Guilt and Shame: One Woman"s JourneyJaime SandersSandersJaime
2016 - Day 6Migraine as a Husband & FatherJames CottrillSandersJaime
2018 - Day 3Concussions, Brain Injuries and MigraineJoel Saper, MDSaperJoel
2017 - Day 4Neck and Migraine: What"s the Connection?Joel Saper, MDSaperJoel
2021 - Day 7Fighting Migraine with Food and NutritionBelinda Savage-Edwards, MD, FAAN, AQHSavage-EdwardsBelinda
2020 - Day 4Pain, Memory and MigraineJack Schim, MD, FAHSSchimJack
2023 - Day 3Psychedelics for the Treatment of Headache DisordersEmmanuelle Schindler, MD, PhDSchindlerEmmanuelle
2022 - Day 8The Latest Cannabis Research for MigraineNathaniel M. Schuster, MDSchusterNathaniel
2017 - Day 2Understanding the Hypersensitive Migraine BrainTodd Schwedt, MDSchwedtTodd
2024 - Day 1Beginner’s Guide to Headache TypesCourtney Seebadri-WhiteSeebadri-WhiteCourtney
2022 - Day 2True Resilience: How a Paralympian Wins With MigraineAllysa SeelySeelyAllysa
2016 - Day 6Concussion, Sports-Related Headache & MigraineTad Seifert, MDSeifertTad
2024 - Day 1Best Exercise Options for People With MigraineBetsy SengSengBetsy
2023 - Day 6How Stigma Worsens Migraine BurdenRobert Shapiro, MD, MA, PhDShapiroRobert
2019 - Day 10What"s Holding Us Back From Getting the Care We Need?Robert Shapiro, MD, MA, PhDShapiroRobert
2018 - Day 8Fighting Stigma: Coming Out as a Person with MigraineRobert Shapiro, MD, MA, PhDShapiroRobert
2016 - Day 6Drug-Free Treatment & DiagnosisElliot Shevel, MDShevelElliot
2018 - Day 6Using Acupressure & Acupuncture for Headache and MigraineAndrew Shubov, MDShubovAndrew
2020 - Day 6CBD Oil for MigraineStephen Silberstein, MDSilbersteinStephen
2018 - Day 6Cannabis for Migraine: Examining the EvidenceStephen Silberstein, MDSilbersteinStephen
2016 - Day 4Hemiplegic Migraine & Migraine AntibodiesStephen Silberstein, MDSilbersteinStephen
2022 - Day 5Food and Diets: A NutritionistÕs Take On How They Affect MigraineMargaret Slavin, PhD, RDNSlavinMargaret
2018 - Day 1Tips to Ensure You"re Getting the Best Care PossibleTimothy R. Smith, MD, RPHSmithTimothy
2017 - Day 2How to Build a Good Relationship with Your DoctorKerrie SmyresSmyresKerrie
2017 - Day 5Best and Worst Places to Live with MigraineBert SperlingSperlingBert
2021 - Day 2What Causes Migraine and Its SymptomsCatherine Stark, MDStarkCatherine
2024 - Day 3Balancing Risks & Benefits of Migraine TreatmentsAmaal Starling, MDStarlingAmaal
2023 - Day 6 When ‘Fine’ Isn’t Enough: Partnering with Your Doctor to Achieve More Amaal Starling, MDStarlingAmaal
2022 - Day 2When Nothing Works: Treatment-Resistant Chronic MigraineAmaal Starling, MDStarlingAmaal
2019 - Day 6Treatment Spotlight: Drug-Free DevicesAmaal Starling, MDStarlingAmaal
2017 - Day 1SEEDS Natural Method for Migraine ControlAmaal Starling, MDStarlingAmaal
2024 - Day 8Finding Balance in Vestbular Migraine Diagnosis and TreatmentKristen SteenersonSteenersonKristen
2017 - Day 4Weather-Related MigraineMichael SteinbergSteinbergMichael
2022 - Day 4Techniques for Managing Vestibular MigraineMichael T. Teixido, MDTeixidoMichael
2019 - Day 3Understanding Balance, Vertigo and DizzinessMichael T. Teixido, MDTeixidoMichael
2023 - Day 1Innovations in Migraine Treatment & TherapiesStewart J. Tepper, MDTepperStewart
2021 - Day 5Medications that Make Migraine WorseStewart J. Tepper, MD, FAHSTepperStewart
2023 - Day 5Could You Have Medication Overuse Headache?Gisela Terwindt, MD, PhDTerwindtGisela
2016 - Day 1Finding Support & Evidence-Based FactsWendy ThomasThomasWendy
2021 - Day 2Racial Inequities In Migraine TreatmentSheila L. ThorneThorneSheila
2024 - Day 7Inflammation & Chronic MigraineGretchen Tietjen, MDTietjenGretchen
2023 - Day 3Migraine Changes in Older AdultsGretchen Tietjen, MDTietjenGretchen
2022 - Day 3Inflammation Control as Migraine ControlGretchen Tietjen, MDTietjenGretchen
2020 - Day 2Link Between Unresolved Trauma and MigraineGretchen Tietjen, MDTietjenGretchen
2018 - Day 5Body Pain, Allodynia and FibromyalgiaGretchen Tietjen, MDTietjenGretchen
2018 - Day 4They Don"t Get It: Educating Family & Friends on MigraineTeri RobertTobertTeri
2020 - Day 3Status Migraine: When Pain Doesn"t StopChristina Treppendahl, FNP-BC, AQH, MHDTreppendahlChristina
2017 - Day 4Eat to Thrive: How an Ancestral Diet Fights MigraineJosh Turknett, MDTurknettJosh
2020 - Day 5Pros and Cons of Blocking CGRPAntoinette Maassen van den Brink, PhDvan den BrinkAntoinette
2019 - Day 1Treating Each Phase of a Migraine AttackAntoinette Maassen van den Brink, PhDvan den BrinkAntoinette
2018 - Day 3Migraine, Heart and Stroke RiskJuliana VanderPluym, MDVanderPluymJuliana
2023 - Day 1 Diminishing Migraine-Related Stigma and Advocating for Your Health Bert Vargas, MDVargasBert
2021 - Day 8COVID in the Real WorldLindsay Videnieks, JDVidenieksLindsay
2021 - Day 5Difficult Diagnoses: Rare Headache TypesShuu-Jiun Wang, MD, PhDWangShuu-Jiun
2021 - Day 6Managing Migraine with Little to No InsuranceDavid Watson, MD, FAANWatsonDavid
2022 - Day 1Learning the Full Impact of Migraine Through Patient VoicesRebecca Wells, MD, MPHWellsRebecca
2020 - Day 6Mindfulness-Based Stress ReductionRebecca Wells, MD, MPHWellsRebecca
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