Coping with Multiple Chronic Illnesses

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Interview Notes

Find more about Janet Geddis and her work here:

Janet Geddis

“The Migraine Girl”

Known to many as “The Migraine Girl” she’s dealt with both chronic migraine disease & autoimmune disease for more than half her life, Janet finally feels as if she has figured out a way to live happily even with her health issues (at least most of the time). Janet started by anonymously blogging as “The Migraine Girl” in the early 2000s & at last shared her secret identity with friends & family in 2008 when The New York Times recommended her site. She is a featured writer for and has appeared in the press for her work as “The Migraine Girl”. In 2011, Janet opened Avid Bookshop, a community-focused, independent bookstore in Athens.

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