Multi-Disciplined Approach to Migraine Management

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Key Questions
  • What are some of the obstacles to migraine diagnosis in Europe?
  • What headache specialists are available in England, and are they available in other countries?
  • What is a headache nurse?
  • What specialized clinics or centers are available in Europe?
  • What is your clinic’s approach to a new headache patient?
  • When treating migraine patients, is it a good idea to change only one thing at a time?
  • What are some successful multidisciplinary approaches to treating migraine?
  • What are tailored treatments?
  • What are the responsibilities of the doctor and the patient in treating migraine?
  • Why should patients join headache associations in their countries?
Interview Notes
Tine Poole

Tine Poole, MD

The Migraine Clinic, Norway

Dr. Tine Poole is an internationally recognized expert on migraine and other headache disorders. She is an acknowledged pioneer in the multi-disciplined treatment of migraine patients. Dr. Poole is a general practitioner from Norway, and started the country’s first headache clinic in 1998, the Migraine Clinic, which became a multidisciplinary center involving 40 health care providers. Dr. Poole’s goal is to provide better understanding of migraine and headache for patients, their families and healthcare providers.

She has been a TV doctor on the national channel NRK, published the book, Migrene, and has lectured tirelessly for more than 20 years.  Dr. Poole is a passionate advocate for headache patients and founded the Norwegain headache association “Headache Norway,” where she is a leading member of the board, as well as of the medical faculty.

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