When Migraine Starts or Stays in Your Neck

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Key Questions
  • How prevalent is neck pain for those with migraine?
  • What is the trigeminal cervical complex?
  • What is the difference between primary and secondary headache?
  • How do we know if neck pain is a symptom of a migraine attack or if it’s triggering the attack?
  • What are trigger point injections?
  • What is cervicogenic headache?
  • What is occipital neuralgia?
  • How can we distinguish between occipital neuralgia and migraine with neck pain?
  • Can Botox help relieve neck pain with migraine?
  • How do we determine whether neck pain is a symptom of a migraine attack or caused by a structural or neurological issue apart from migraine?
  • What types of imaging studies are done for neck pain?
  • What are the treatments for neck pain that may be triggering a migraine attack?
  • What is radiofrequency ablation (neurotomy)?
  • How does posture affect the neck and migraine?
  • Is it better to use heat or ice for neck pain?
  • Which nonmedical interventions are helpful for neck pain with migraine?
Interview Notes
Sait Ashina, MD

Sait Ashina, MD

Assistant Professor of Neurology and Anesthesia
Harvard Medical School

Dr. Sait Ashina is an assistant professor of neurology and anesthesia at Harvard Medical School, as well as the director of the Comprehensive Headache Center at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center. He is a prolific researcher and is board certified in neurology and headache medicine. Dr. Ashina is a member of the education and classification committees of the International Headache Society. He serves on the advisory board for The Journal of Headache and Pain, and is associate editor of Neurology Reviews and BMC Neurology.

Interviews from Sait Ashina, MD

When Migraine Starts or Stays in Your Neck

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Kellie is a concussion and migraine patient advocate who returns as a Summit interviewer in addition to her roles coordinating social media and online courses.

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