Dodging False Promises and Treatment Claims

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Key Questions
  • What does history teach us about the pursuit of migraine cures?
  • Why is it easy to fall victim to quackery and unscientific “cures”?
  • What is pseudoscience?
  • Why is it sometimes difficult to use the scientific method to study the efficacy of a treatment?
  • What is the placebo response and how significant is it?
  • How much trust should we place in social media treatment claims?
  • Is cannabis a proven effective treatment for migraine?
  • Is the ketogenic diet safe?
  • What is the best way to evaluate a new treatment?
  • How might the use of alternative treatments lead to the neglect of scientifically proven treatments?
  • What are some evidence-based alternative treatments?
  • Why are nerve blocks used in North America if there is limited evidence?
  • Why are some treatments listed in guidelines while others are not?
  • What are the problems with migraine surgeries?
Interview Notes

Find more about Elizabeth Leroux, MD, FRCPC and her work here:

Elizabeth Leroux

Elizabeth Leroux, MD, FRCPC

Headache Clinic Director
Montreal University Health Center, Canada

Dr. Elizabeth Leroux is a well-respected headache neurologist currently practicing at the Brunswick Medical Center in Montreal. Previous affiliations include the Montreal University Headache Clinic and the University of Calgary CHAMP program. Dr. Leroux is the president of the Canadian Headache Society and the founder and chair of Migraine Canada. She is also a member of IHS-GPAC and serves on the Scientific Advisory Board for the American Registry for Migraine Research. Her current focus includes therapeutic education and patient advocacy.

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