The 2020 Migraine World Summit begins March 18, 2020

The Top 10 Migraine Myths to Bust

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Key Questions
  • Is migraine caused by psychological factors?
  • Can any doctor effectively diagnose and treat migraine?
  • Is migraine something you just have to “live with”?
Interview Notes

Find more about Peter Goadsby, MD and his work here:

Peter Goadsby

Peter Goadsby, MD

Professor of Neurology
King's College London, UK

Dr. Peter Goadsby is a neurologist and a professor at Kings College, London. He is one of the world’s leading headache experts and researchers. He has won dozens of awards and honors in the field of headache and is one of the most cited headache doctor practicing today. Dr. Goadsby is a past president of the International Headache Society and has been awarded the prestigious H. G. Wolff MD Award from the American Headache Society. Today, Dr. Goadsby serves as a trustee of The Migraine Trust and is on the board of directors for the American Headache Society and the American Migraine Foundation.

Dr. Goadsby is changing the way headache disorders are diagnosed and treated worldwide.
He is known for challenging assumptions about migraine in favor of an evidence-based perspective. Dr. Goadsby has over 1,300 published papers, books, chapters and abstracts.

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