Could Biomarkers Improve Migraine Diagnosis?

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Key Questions
  • What is a biomarker?
  • How can biomarkers be identified and what possible biomarkers for migraine have been identified?
  • Are CGRP-mediated attacks linked to specific types of migraine?
  • What other diseases have biomarkers?
  • How does neuroimaging contribute to our understanding of migraine biomarkers and chronic vs episodic migraine?
  • Is the gray matter in chronic migraine patients shrinking?
  • Are chronic migraine patients more vulnerable to other nonmigraine-related pain?
  • Are changes in the brain caused by chronic migraine reversible?
  • How far off are we from having medications based on pituitary adenylate cyclase-activating polypeptide (PACAP) and its role in migraine?
  • Are there other possible migraine biomarkers other than CGRP and PACAP?
  • How do epigenetics play a role in migraine and biomarkers?
  • How close are we to developing a biomarker capable of diagnosing migraine, identifying specific migraine types, and guiding personalized treatment choices?
  • Do biomarkers reduce stigma around migraine?
Interview Notes
Treatments Mentioned
  • CGRP inhibitors

Please note: The Migraine World Summit’s aim is to bring you a variety of perspectives and expertise, independent of bias or judgment. Alternative theories presented in this video have not been medically reviewed. Views expressed in this interview do not necessarily represent the views of the Migraine World Summit. Please always consult your health care professional and do your own research before making changes to your treatment plan.

Patricia Pozo-Rosich, MD, PhD

Head of Neurology Section
Vall d’Hebron Hospital and Institute of Research, Spain

As the director of headache and neurological pain research at Vall d’Hebron Institute of Research in Barcelona, Spain, Dr. Pozo-Rosich is one of the leading migraine researchers in Europe. An active leader in the field of international headache medicine, Dr. Pozo-Rosich is passionate about educating patients and clinicians about migraine. She is the coordinator of the Headache Study Group of the Spanish Neurological Society (GECSEN). Additionally, she is the founder of the Spanish-language website In 2023, she was awarded the Cephalalgia Award for her article “Salivary CGRP Can Monitor the Different Migraine Phases: CGRP (In)dependent Attacks,” which she presented at the International Headache Congress in Seoul, Korea.

Dr. Pozo-Rosich is a member of the International Headache Society, the American Headache Society, the International Headache Genetics Consortium, and the Catalan Neurological Society.

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