Good Migraine Self-Care Practices

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Key Questions
  • What is one of the first things you should do once you have been diagnosed?
  • How do you manage your condition?
  • What have you noticed about migraine progression?
  • How do you deal with chronic pain?
  • What traps can patients fall into?
  • How can someone with migraine empower themselves?
  • How can the guilt that can accompanies migraine be managed?
  • How did you start a lasting patient organization?
  • Why did you prioritize migraine over cancer advocacy?
  • What advice would you give to anyone who wants to be an advocate?
  • What migraine patient issues do you still see today?
  • How have you found happiness despite disabling and frequent migraine?
  • How and why should we be kinder to ourselves as we struggle with migraine?
  • How did migraine advocacy get started in Ireland and Europe?
  • How can newly diagnosed migraine patients find support and educate themselves?
Interview Notes

Find more about Audrey Craven and his work here:


Audrey Craven

The Migraine Association of Ireland

Audrey Craven is the founder and president of the Migraine Association of Ireland (MAI), and is an internationally acknowledged patient advocate for migraine. She is the immediate past president of both the European Headache Alliance (EHA) and the European Federation of Neurological Association (EFNA). Audrey Craven has also been involved in the Irish Brain Council, the Irish Health Service Executive, the World Headache Alliance (WHA), the Patient Consumer and Working Group (PCWP) at the European Medicines Agency, and is a the former Chairperson of the Neurological Alliance of Ireland (NAI). She was a member of the neurological Expert Advisory Board that produced the three Standards of Care Documents, which recommended new health care strategies for neurological conditions in Ireland.

Interviews from Audrey Craven

Good Migraine Self-Care Practices

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