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Featured Interviews

Previews from past Migraine World Summit interviews.

Sleep, Insomnia and Energy

Christine Lay, MD, FAHS

6 Medications That Can Make Migraine Work

Andrew Charles, MD

Treatment Spotlight: Drug-Free Devices

Amaal Starling, MD

Top Migraine Experts

Learn first-hand from over 30 of the world's top migraine and headache experts.

Peter Goadsby

Peter Goadsby, MD

Professor of Neurology
King's College London, UK

Amanda Beard

Amanda Beard

Olympic Gold Medalist and Author
In The Water They Can't See You Cry

Stephen Silberstein

Stephen Silberstein, MD

Jefferson Headache Center

Robert Cowan

Robert Cowan, MD

Chief of Headache Medicine
Stanford University

Deborah Friedman

Deborah Friedman, MD, MPH, FAAN

Professor of Neurology & Neurotherapeutics and Ophthalmology
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, USA

Amy Gelfand

Amy Gelfand, MD

Director of Pediatric Headache Program

Vince Martin

Vince Martin, MD

University of Cincinnati Headache and Facial Pain Center

Gretchen Tietjen

Gretchen Tietjen, MD

University of Toledo Medical Center

Patricia Pozo Rosich, MD, PhD

Director of Headache and Neurological Pain Research
Vall d’Hebron University Hospital, Spain

Elizabeth Leroux

Elizabeth Leroux, MD, FRCPC

Headache Clinic Director
Montreal University Health Center, Canada

Andrew Levy

Andrew Levy

Professor and Author
A Brain Wider Than the Sky

Jessica Ailani

Jessica Ailani, MD

Neurologist and Director
MedStar Georgetown Headache Center

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What MWS attendees are saying...

"I just wanted to thank everyone who has come together to help those of us suffering. I actually feel like someone understands and cares. This and last year's Summit have been invaluable in my fight, and you helped me not give up."
Adele Trott
"This has been so informative. I'm 76 and have had migraine since I was 16 so I have pretty much tried everything. Watching this has given me hope. "
Bunnie A Kelly
"This is fascinating, thank you!"
Cindy Reynolds
"Surprisingly more interesting than anticipated. Thank you."
Christine Pietschmann

Latest Resources

Understanding Your Workplace Rights

Migraine in the workplace is a billion-dollar issue. Absenteeism, presenteeism, stigma, discrimination, and employee health are issues that affect both the employee and the employer. Knowing how to navigate the workplace with migraine can be tricky, and it can make or break your career. That’s why it’s important to know…

Clinical Errors that Undermine Migraine Care

Do you know if you’re getting the right treatment? How often are doctors, including neurologists, making clinical errors in migraine and headache care? What do we need to know as patients to minimize the chance of getting the wrong diagnosis or treatment? Zaza Katsarava, MD, PhD is head of the…

Thriving with Multiple Chronic Illnesses

Symptoms of hemiplegic migraine can be similar to those of classic migraine or migraine with aura. However, some patients and healthcare providers are surprised to learn that a hemiplegic migraine attack can actually mimic a stroke. How can we understand and cope with migraine disease when many of us live…

How to Get the Most From Your Doctor

Are you getting the most from your doctor’s visit or are you struggling to make progress despite several consultations? How do you know when it’s your stubborn condition, the medical professionals, or ourselves standing in the way of further progress? To help us answer these questions is Dr. Patricia Pozo…

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