Yoga for Migraine: Does It Help?

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Key Questions
  • What is yoga?
  • How can yoga help someone with migraine?
  • What evidence is there that supports yoga for migraine?
  • How do postures and breathing combine to create an effective yoga practice?
  • How can yoga benefit the hyper-responsive nervous system common in people with migraine?
  • Can yoga be practiced during times of high pain?
  • Is there a type of yoga that’s best-suited for people with migraine?
  • Are there certain types of yoga that are better suited for different body types?
  • What type of yoga is most beneficial if the neck is a factor in migraine?
  • What type of yoga is appropriate for people who have migraine with vestibular symptoms, such as dizziness and vertigo?
  • Can yoga help with insomnia?
  • What other conditions can yoga be beneficial for?
  • Is there anyone who shouldn’t practice yoga?
  • What are some reasons that people might be hesitant to try yoga?
  • What is the best way to start a yoga practice for those who are new to it?
  • How can you find a certified yoga instructor who can provide personal feedback?
Interview Notes

Adriane Dellorco

Yoga Teacher & Patient Advocate
Yoga for Migraine

Adriane Dellorco (RYT-200) is the founder of Yoga for Migraine, an online community that offers yoga practices specifically for people living with headache and migraine.  Adriane is a lifelong dancer and yogini with a 200-hour yoga teacher certification in restorative, yin, and yoga nidra styles.  Adriane taught Yoga for Migraine at CHAMP’s 2020 Virtual RetreatMigraine and Miles for Migraine’s Mindfulness for Migraine series.  She was featured on the National Headache Foundation’s Heads UP podcast and Migraine Magic podcast.  A mother of two children, and a former public school teacher, Adriane brings her life experience of living with migraine into her healing yoga programs.  Yoga for Migraine provides migraine-friendly yoga practices in online programs, workshops, and one-on-one coaching. Adriane’s mission is to help others overcome migraine with yoga and thrive.

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