Neck Pain and Migraine: Trigger or Symptom

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Key Questions
  • How common is neck pain in people with migraine?
  • Which comes first: neck pain or the migraine attack?
  • Is neck pain a cause of migraine, a symptom of migraine, or both?
  • What is occipital neuralgia and its relationship with migraine?
  • What is the relationship of cervicogenic headache with migraine?
  • Can someone have migraine with neck pain and without head pain?
  • What role can head and neck injuries play in migraine?
  • What precautions should people be aware of with treatments such as chiropractic manipulations?
  • What approaches may be helpful in addressing neck pain symptoms?
  • What role can exercise play in treating neck pain?
  • What does emerging research suggest about the role of C1 nerve root characteristics in migraine?
  • When might neck pain be a sign of something serious other than migraine?
Interview Notes

Find more about Andrew Charles, MD and his work here:


Andrew Charles, MD

UCLA Goldberg Migraine Program, USA

Dr. Andrew Charles is director of Headache Research and Treatment, and professor of neurology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. He leads the Goldberg Migraine Program, established in December 2015 with the largest single private grant ever for migraine research in order to develop new treatments and research a potential cure. He has served on the board of directors for the American Headache Society since 2010 and the board of trustees for the International Headache Society since 2011. Dr. Charles educates neurologists, headache specialists and primary care physicians around the world on headache research and treatment. He’s also been published in numerous medical journals such as Neurology and Headache and serves as an associate editor of Cephalalgia.

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