Hiding in the Spotlight: Celebrities with Migraine

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Key Questions
  • Who are some famous people with migraine disease, past or present?
  • Which U.S. presidents are known for having symptoms of migraine?
  • Who are some authors who have written about their personal experience living with migraine disease?
  • Which famous painters may have used their experiences with migraine in creating their art?
  • What is the Alice in Wonderland syndrome?
  • Are people living with migraine more creative?
  • What are some common characteristics of these famous people who also had migraine symptoms?
  • Are celebrities becoming more open about discussing their personal experiences with migraine?
Interview Notes
Andrew Levy

Andrew Levy, PhD

Professor and Author
"A Brain Wider Than the Sky"

Andrew Levy is an Edna Cooper Chair in English at Butler University. He is the author of the critically acclaimed A Brain Wider Than the Sky, and the Slatten Award-winning biography, The First Emancipator. His work also includes: Huck Finn’s America (2014), The Culture and Commerce of the American Short Story (1992), Postmodern American Fiction:  A Norton Anthology (1994), and he is co-editor of Creating Fiction (1994).

In addition, his essays have appeared in Harper’s, American Scholar, Missouri Review, and Best American Essays. Reviews and public appearances include: Time, Newsweek, The New York Times, Spin, Sports Illustrated, C-Span, Salon, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe and National Public Radio: All Things Considered and This American Life. He also teaches American literature, culture, and creative writing

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CHAMP is working to identify unmet needs of those with headache, migraine and cluster diseases, and will work to better support patients and their caregivers.

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Amgen is one of the world’s leading biotechnology companies and Novartis has nearly 70 years of experience in neuroscience, and both are committed to leading the charge together to fight the public misconceptions, stereotypes and the burden of migraine.

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