The 2020 Migraine World Summit begins March 18, 2020

Neuromodulation: New Devices That Can Ease Pain

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Key Questions
  • How does neuromodulation work?
  • Is it safe and how effective is it?
  • Who is most likely to benefit from neuromodulation?
Interview Notes
Brian Grosberg

Brian Grosberg, MD

Hartford HealthCare Headache Center

Dr. Brian Grosberg is the Director of the Hartford HealthCare Headache Center and a Clinical Associate Professor of Neurology and Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He is a Board Certified Neurologist and Headache Specialist who’s been awarded the Best Doctors Award for the last 4 years, several Fellowships and other honors of professional and academic distinction. He is a committee member of the American Council of Headache Education, Chair of the refractory headache special interest section within the American Headache Society and is a member of several other professional organizations. Dr Grosberg is also the author or co-author of over 100 published articles, abstracts and book chapters.

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