Treatment Spotlight: Ditans and Gepants

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Key Questions
  • What is a ditan?
  • Is a ditan used for prevention or acute migraine treatment?
  • How will ditans be administered?
  • How do ditans differ from triptans?
  • What is a gepant?
  • Is a gepant used for prevention or acute migraine treatment?
  • How are these treatments different from existing medications?
  • Will they require a prescription?
  • How expensive are they likely to be?
  • Who is ideally suited to try these new drugs?
  • What side effects do ditans and gepants cause?
  • When will these new medications be available?
Interview Notes

Find more about Uwe Reuter, MD, PhD, MBA and his work here:


Uwe Reuter, MD, PhD, MBA

Professor of Neurology
Charite University Hospital of Berlin, Germany

Dr. Uwe Reuter is a professor of neurology at Charité University Hospital of Berlin, specializing in the role of CGRP in primary headaches. Dr. Reuter is a graduate of Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz. He completed three years of postdoctoral studies at Harvard Medical School. At Harvard, Dr. Reuter focused on basic research in primary headaches and migraine aura. He continues his clinical practice and research in basic and clinical headaches. Dr. Reuter is a member of several national and international headache organizations, and currently serves as board member of the European Headache Federation.

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