Learn from dozens of world-leading migraine experts, doctors and specialists from around the world to help answer the most difficult questions for those with migraine.

Each year, we interview 32 internationally recognized migraine experts who cover a wide range of migraine and headache disorder topics. They help participants learn about subjects like non-drug interventions that work, chronic migraine, medication overuse headache, and the latest treatments. Most importantly, you’ll get guidance and information that can make a big difference in your own headache or migraine condition.

In the past we’ve done this with a mix of in-person and online virtual events. We’ve had celebrities participate and we’ve also received some significant media coverage.

This year, the live event will be live and online from March 6-13, 2024, but you can still watch several expert interviews and the highlights webinar free! In our newsletter, we highlight a topic each week with expert quotes and insights.

About Us

The Migraine World Summit is a socially driven organization that partners with and provides support to nonprofits. While the Migraine World Summit is free when it’s live, we also sell Access Passes with different benefits not available to the public to provide this support. We direct up to 50% of the money raised to our migraine nonprofit partners; many of whom are listed on our homepage. They’re doing crucial work to help fund migraine research, support and advocate for those living with a migraine or headache disorder.

To date, we’ve contributed over $170,000 USD to migraine and headache nonprofits, groups, and foundations. The individuals who purchase a copy of the Migraine World Summit each year help sustain those donations. The Migraine World Summit does not solicit donations or compete with other nonprofits for fundraising.

We believe that by giving unprecedented access to many of the world’s top experts you’ll get high quality, trustworthy information which you can discuss with your health care professional and use to improve your own situation for the better.

Hosts, Advocates & Patients

Carl Cincinnato and Paula K. Dumas are both internationally recognized patient advocates, speakers and leaders in the field of migraine and headache. Together, they host and produce the Migraine World Summit. As patient advocates, they dedicate their time and expertise to raising awareness and advocating for migraine and headache sufferers. Their efforts include lobbying governments for increased research and support, public speaking events, education and empowering others to understand and manage their condition.

Our Hosts

Carl Cincinnato

Carl stopped taking his health for granted at an early age due to migraine. He has had migraine for 30 years. Over this time health has become central throughout his life and work. This includes working with some of the biggest health companies in the world.

Today, he works with several charities, foundations, and organizations, including Headache Australia, the Brain Foundation, the Coalition of Headache and Migraine Patients, the Global Patient Advocacy Coalition and the World Headache and Migraine Alliance. He is a member of the International Headache Society, he acts on several advisory councils and he also is the editor at MigrainePal.com and co-host for the Migraine World Summit.

Carl is a public and passionate patient advocate for migraine. He has spoken nationally and internationally about migraine and the need to increase research funding, reduce stigma, increase patient support and education.

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Paula K. Dumas

Paula K. Dumas is a lifelong migraine warrior, Founder and former Managing Editor of MigraineAgain.com.

After juggling a demanding career with CNN, Apple and Disney, she shifted gears to devote herself to family, faith and health advocacy. Although she’s lost a decade's worth of days to migraine, she’s been able to reduce her frequency from 25 days a month to less than a day a month.

Now, she’s helping others to do the same.

To advocate for people with migraine, Paula has served on the Board of the American Migraine Foundation (AMF), the steering committee of the Coalition of Headache and Migraine Patients (CHAMP), the International Headache Society Global Patient Advocacy Committee, and was nominated for a WEGO Health Advocate award. She and her husband Karl lobby legislators on Capitol Hill as part of the US Headache on the Hill organized by Association of Headache Disorders Advocacy (AHDA).

To raise awareness about migraine, she’s spoken at the International Headache Academy and the first Migraine World Summit, as well as Research America’s Annual National Health Forum. She’s presented her research at the American Academy of Neurology conference, one of two academic research studies she co-authored (CaMEO and My Migraine Voice). Together, these research studies measure the impact that migraine has upon people’s lives, relationships, work and finances in over 31 countries.

To educate people with migraine, she’s authored over 300 articles on migraine health and wellness, and produced over 200 videos, interviews and podcasts. With Carl and her husband Karl, Paula co-founded the World Health Education Foundation, producing the largest live event for people with migraine, Migraine World Summit Onstage in LA in March 2019 and New York in March 2020.

To create healthier workplaces for people with migraine, Paula serves as chair of the MigraineAtWork.org campaign, focused on helping employers and employees tackle the widespread challenge of working through painful attacks. Each year, Paula co-leads an amazing global team of people with migraine who produce the Migraine World Summit, demonstrating the resilience and commitment of these courageous warriors.

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Join Our Team

Thank you so much for your consideration. Please subscribe to our email list for recruitment updates.

At the last Migraine World Summit, we had more than 100,000 participants from more than 100 countries listen to 32 world-leading experts.

We heard in emails, video messages, and social media comments that this event opened up a world of hope and turned lives around. 

This has been made possible only by the goodwill of our world-leading experts and volunteers who have generously shared their knowledge, time, and expertise. Thank you to everyone who was involved!

Now there is an opportunity for you to become directly involved with this life-changing work. We are looking for a few capable and generous volunteers to join the Migraine World Summit team that brings these experts to the world. 

The roles are flexible and purpose-driven. If you join our team, you’re likely to pick up new skills, friends, and ideas for better health along the way. This could also be a great stepping stone if you’re looking to get back into the workforce. It can also be another meaningful way to move forward on your migraine journey.

Roles include:

Article Writing & Editing

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  • You are a talented writer who can express yourself clearly
  • You enjoy understanding and distilling (sometimes) complex topics into plain language
  • You work well independently and are self driven. At the same time you are happy to join team meetings and support others in the team by reviewing their work
  • You have an eye for detail
  • You enjoy learning about and researching new topics related to migraine and headache
  • You appreciate the give-and-take of edits and suggestions to your work, thereby strengthening and refining your own writing skills
Article Team Managing Editor

We’re seeking an individual who is highly organized, detail-oriented, and possesses exceptional communication skills. The Managing Editor should be an approachable and patient leader, comfortable with managing a team of volunteers with varied skills and experience levels. A passion for our cause and a keen interest in developing the skills of our volunteer writers is essential. The ability to maintain high standards while navigating the unique challenges of managing a volunteer-based team is key.

View the full role description >>

Book Editor

View the full role description >>

  • You love reading. Language and good grammar come naturally.
  • You are intrigued by medical research and know how to cite evidence-based references to support text.
  • You have an eye for grammatical errors and would enjoy making corrections in text.
  • You are interested in learning and using software to complete editing work.
  • You would be able to take initiative and ask “Why?” if something doesn’t make sense.
  • You are comfortable working within deadlines to support project timelines.
Community Support Ambassador

View the full role description >>

  • You are passionate about and driven to help people in the migraine community.
  • You are patient and empathetic. You have an appreciation for what it is like to engage with others in need via online customer platforms (or would be comfortable learning to use the online platform).
  • You are a confident problem solver with a natural ability to troubleshoot and investigate when insufficient information is available.
  • Your strong written communication skills will be important when responding to customers via chat and email.
  • You are excited by on-the-job opportunities to learn and apply new knowledge and skills.
  • You are comfortable responding to sales and technical questions.
  • You are comfortable working autonomously and will enjoy being part of a virtual team that spans several continents and timezones.
Content Editor

View the full role description >>

  • You love reading. Language and good grammar come naturally.
  • You have an eye for grammatical errors and would enjoy making corrections in text, such as interview transcripts and website content.
  • You are interested in learning and using software to complete editing work.
  • You would be able to take initiative and ask “Why?” if something doesn’t make sense.
  • You welcome the idea of working collaboratively with the video editing team to review interview video footage to create a coherent and complete final product. 
  • You would enjoy absorbing robust content and distilling it into concise summaries.
  • You are comfortable working within deadlines to support project timelines.
  • You value teamwork and collaboration in a supportive environment.
Copywriters (Email)

View the full role description >>

  • You love writing and reading; language and grammar come naturally.
  • You have strong editing skills and enjoy the editing process. 
  • You have an eye for grammatical errors and like to make text clearer, more concise and engaging. 
  • You appreciate the give-and-take of being edited, thereby strengthening and refining your own writing skills as you strive to craft engaging emails.
  • You can use language to inform readers about various migraine-related topics.
  • You would be adept at distilling an email from the transcript of a 30-minute interview on a specific headache- or migraine-related topic.
  • You are happy to work remotely with a distributed team.  
  • You are comfortable working within deadlines to support project timelines.
Email Publisher (part of the Copywriting Team)
  • You have experience using an email service provider such as Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Active Campaign or others.
  • You enjoy scheduling and formatting emails that reach a large audience.
  • You are comfortable learning to use a new email service provider (ESP) platform (if not already familiar with Active Campaign).
  • You work well in a remote team.
  • You are self driven and proactive
Graphic Designer
  • You are artistic and creative. 
  • You have expertise in creating icons, graphics, charts, infographics or designs from scratch with examples to show it.
  • You are happy for your work to appear in presentations, social media and the website.
  • You are comfortable with Adobe, Illustrator and other creative software tools.
HR Leader

View the full role description >>

  • Proven self-starter, able to work independently, managing multiple priorities in a dynamic environment
  • Exceptional interpersonal and communication skills with the ability to build meaningful relationships
  • Strong leadership qualities with an emphasis on team motivation and personnel development
  • Excellent problem-solving abilities and a high degree of emotional intelligence
  • Commitment to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within the organization
  • Experience and comfort with working with volunteers
  • Strong ethical standards and understanding of confidentiality related to HR roles
  • Adaptable to change, with the ability to drive HR strategies in an ever-evolving environment
Partnerships Development

View the full role description >>

  • You are excited about building connections with different communities
  • You are patient and determined when facing a challenge
  • You are comfortable reaching out to new organizations and contacts (cold outreach)
  •  You enjoy online research
  • You can work both independently and as part of a team
  • You want to learn and grow
  • You are willing to ask for help when needed
Social Media

The existing Social Media Team has a few needs in these areas:

  • Researcher: Sort through articles from credible websites, and sort that information into short segments which we can include in infographics and captions.
  • Community Support Ambassador- Virtual: Respond to comments with empathy and education on migraine. Be able to direct them to credible sources to learn more., and have the emotional bandwidth to respond to people having difficulties living with migraine.
  • If you prefer specific social media platforms for this community support role, you have that option between LinkedIn, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • On-Season versus Full Year: While the social media team is a year-round role, if you prefer to only jump in during the lead up to and during the annual Summit, that will be an option.
Video Editor
  • You can do video editing to add intros and outros, titles, optimizing sound, picture and extracting short preview clips.
  • You are comfortable with and have access to editing tools such as Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro or ScreenFlow.
  • You are detail-oriented and see tasks through to the end.
WordPress Content Publisher
  • You are a quick learner with new digital tools or applications like WordPress and associated plugins such as SEO Yoast.
  • You love building websites and pages.
  • You are familiar and comfortable using WordPress. 
  • You are detail-oriented and see tasks through to the end.
  • Website coding skills are not required.

Apply Now

We understand that, for many, life is a daily struggle and you are simply not in a position to take on anything more. If you feel like this could be taxing on your health in any way, do not apply now. We greatly appreciate your consideration and would much rather you prioritize your health and come back in a better place next year. 

If your health permits it, you possess the relevant skills and are ready to demonstrate just how amazing you can be despite chronic illness, please apply or share this with someone you know who might be interested. Please note, these roles are open globally, and will be filled on a rolling basis—some right away, and others as needed. Thanks for your patience with us as we review all of the applications.

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