Cognition and Aging Well with Migraine

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Key Questions
  • How does migraine change over time?
  • As people age and approach their 60s and 70s, can the headache part of a migraine attack start to lessen and other symptoms become more bothersome?
  • How does chronic migraine evolve over time?
  • Is there hope for people with chronic migraine?
  • What causes late onset migraine?
  • How does treatment differ for late onset migraine?
  • Is it possible to take triptans over the age of 65?
  • Does migraine have a cumulative effect or damage over time?
  • Should we be worried about white matter lesions in an MRI scan?
  • What are some concerns about taking migraine medications long term?
  • Does migraine confer any risk of dementia, stroke, or heart disease?
  • Is there hope for people who have migraine at an older age?
Interview Notes
Shivang Joshi

Shivang Joshi, MD, MPH, RPh

Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy Practice and Headache Specialist
University of Buffalo School of Pharmacy, DENT Neurological Institute

Dr. Shivang Joshi is a doctor, pharmacist, and migraine and pharmacology expert. He is board-certified in neurology and headache medicine. Dr. Joshi is also an associate professor of clinical pharmacy practice at the University at Buffalo School of Pharmacy. He is an award-winning researcher and teacher. He is a recipient of the American Headache Society’s 2012 “Frontiers in Headache Research” Scholarship Award for Cluster Headache Research, and the “Outstanding Teaching Award” from the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. He has recently joined DENT Neurologic Institute, where he treats existing and new patients.

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