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Day 1 (2020) Real Warriors

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Amanda Beard

Triumph Over a Private Pain

Amanda Beard

Olympic Gold Medalist and Author
"In The Water They Can't See You Cry"

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Andrew Levy

Hiding in the Spotlight: Celebrities with Migraine

Andrew Levy, PhD

Professor and Author
"A Brain Wider Than the Sky"

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Bob Wold

Fighting for Cluster Relief

Bob Wold

Founder and President

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Jon Summer, Alicia Torborg, Shirley Kessel

Patient Panel: Thriving Despite Migraine

Jon Summer, Alicia Torborg, Shirley Kessel

Patient Advocates
American Migraine Foundation, Association of Migraine Disorders, Miles for Migraine

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Day 2 (2020) Causes & Diagnosis

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Robert Cowan

Why Most Doctors Get the Diagnosis Wrong

Robert Cowan, MD

Chief of Headache Medicine and Headache Specialist
Stanford University

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Lyn Griffiths

Migraine Genetics, MTHFR and Concussion

Lyn Griffiths, PhD

Executive Director
Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation

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Gretchen Tietjen

Link Between Unresolved Trauma and Migraine

Gretchen Tietjen, MD

Neurologist and Headache Specialist
University of Toledo Medical Center

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Mia Minen

How Concussion and Head Injuries Lead to Migraine

Mia Minen, MD, MPH

Neurologist, Headache Specialist and Assistant Professor
New York University Langone Medical Center

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Day 3 (2020) Types

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Deborah Friedman

Common Traps of Chronic Migraine

Deborah Friedman, MD, MPH

Professor of Neurology & Neurotherapeutics and Ophthalmology and Headache Specialist
University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center

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How Pain Works in the Migraine Brain

Patricia Pozo Rosich, MD, PhD

Director of Headache and Neurological Pain Research
Vall d’Hebron University Hospital, Spain

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Jessica Ailani

Hormonal Migraine Seasons in a Woman’s Life

Jessica Ailani, MD

Director and Headache Specialist
MedStar Georgetown Headache Center

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Christine Treppendahl

Status Migraine: When Pain Doesn’t Stop

Christina Treppendahl, FNP-BC, AQH, MHD

Family Nurse Practitioner and Director
The Headache Center in Mississippi

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Day 4 (2020) Symptoms

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Amy Gelfand

Disabling Nausea and Cyclical Vomiting

Amy Gelfand, MD

Director of Pediatric Headache Program and Pediatric Headache Specialist
University of California, San Francisco

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Steven Baskin

Understanding Migraine-Related Mood Disorders

Steven M. Baskin, PhD

Psychologist and Founder
New England Center for Headache, Behavioral Medicine

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Jack Schim

Pain, Memory and Migraine

Jack D. Schim, MD

Neurologist, Headache Specialist and Partner
The Neurology Center of Southern California

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Hossein Ansari

Autoimmune Diseases and Facial Pain

Hossein Ansari, MD

Neurologist and Headache Specialist
UC San Diego

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Day 5 (2020) Triggers

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Vince Martin

Weather, Food, and More: The Truth About Triggers

Vince Martin, MD

Director and Headache Specialist
University of Cincinnati Headache and Facial Pain Center

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Elizabeth Leroux

How Fasting, Weight and Dehydration Affect Your Brain

Elizabeth Leroux, MD, FRCPC

Headache Clinic Director
Montreal University Health Center, Canada

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Antoinette Van Den Brink

Pros and Cons of Blocking CGRP

Antoinette Maassen van den Brink, PhD

Associate Professor of Pharmacology
Erasmus MC, Netherlands

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Rami Burstein

The Science of Light Sensitivity and How to Manage It

Rami Burstein, PhD

Professor of Anesthesia and Neuroscience
Harvard Medical School

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Day 6 (2020) Alternative Treatments

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Alexander Mauskop

Supplements and Natural Alternatives

Alexander Mauskop, MD

Director, Founder and Headache Specialist
New York Headache Center

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Stephen Silberstein

CBD Oil for Migraine

Stephen Silberstein, MD

Director and Headache Specialist
Jefferson Headache Center

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Rebecca Wells

Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction

Rebecca Wells, MD, MPH

Neurologist and Headache Specialist
Wake Forest Baptist Health

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Cynthia Armand

Food and Nutrition For Migraine

Cynthia E. Armand, MD

Neurologist and Headache Specialist
Montefiore Headache Center

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Day 7 (2020) Treatments

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Peter Goadsby

The Latest New Treatment Innovations

Peter Goadsby, MD

Professor of Neurology and Headache Specialist
King's College London, UK

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William Young

Are Migraine Surgeries Worth It?

William B. Young, MD

Neurologist and Headache Specialist
Jefferson Headache Center

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Brian Grosberg

Real-World Use of CGRP Medications

Brian Grosberg, MD

Director and Headache Specialist
Hartford HealthCare Headache Center

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Tine Poole

Multi-Disciplined Approach to Migraine Management

Tine Poole, MD

The Migraine Clinic, Norway

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Day 8 (2020) Taking Control

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Paul Martin

Migraine and Psychological Comorbidities

Paul R. Martin, PhD

Australian National University

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Shivang Joshi

Cognition and Aging Well with Migraine

Shivang Joshi, MD, MPH, RPh

Associate Professor of Clinical Pharmacy Practice and Headache Specialist
University of Buffalo School of Pharmacy, DENT Neurological Institute

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Katie Golden

Navigating Insurance and Access Issues

Katie Golden

Patient Advocate, Blogger, and Speaker
Golden Graine and

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Elena Ruiz de la Torre

Migraine at Work: Issues and Progress

Elena Ruiz de la Torre

Patient Advocate and Executive Director
European Migraine & Headache Alliance

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Day 9 (2020) MWS Onstage Presentations

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William Young

Are You Really “Just Fine”?

William B. Young, MD

Neurologist and Headache Specialist
Jefferson Headache Center

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Why 2020 Is the Time to Feel Better

Dawn Buse, PhD

Professor of Neurology
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

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How Can You Stand Up Against Migraine?

Amaal Starling, MD

Mayo Clinic, USA

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Whitney Cummings

Migraine Is No Joke For This Comedian

Whitney Cummings

Emmy-Nominated Comedian, Writer and Producer

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Day 10 (2020) Highlights Webinar [LIVE]

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Paula and Carl Share Highlights From 2020 Summit

Carl Cincinnato / Paula K. Dumas

Co-Hosts, Producers
Migraine World Summit

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