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Day 1 (2017)

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Peter Goadsby

The Top 10 Migraine Myths to Bust

Peter Goadsby, MD

Professor of Neurology and Neurologist
King's College London, UK

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Managing Hormonal Migraines Through Menopause

Susan Hutchinson, MD

Author - The Women's Guide to Managing Migraine
Orange County Migraine & Headache Center

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Is Your Family Time Affected by Migraine?

Dawn Buse, PhD

Professor of Neurology
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

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How to Make Sure You Actually Have Migraine

Allan Purdy, MD

Professor of Neurology
Dalhousie University, Canada

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SEEDS Natural Method for Migraine Control

Amaal Starling, MD

Mayo Clinic, USA

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Solving the Puzzle of What’s Causing Migraines

Patricia Pozo Rosich, MD, PhD

Director of Headache and Neurological Pain Research
Vall d’Hebron University Hospital, Spain

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Day 2 (2017)

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Lyn Griffiths

Migraine Genetics: Unlocking a Cure for Migraine

Lyn Griffiths, PhD

Executive Director
Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation

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Andrew Charles, MD

Recognizing and Treating 4 Phases of Migraine

Andrew Charles, MD

UCLA Goldberg Migraine Program

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Understanding the Hypersensitive Migraine Brain

Todd Schwedt, MD

Professor of Neurology
Mayo Clinic School of Medicine in Arizona

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Navigating Love, Marriage and Migraine

Les Parrott, PhD

Center for Relationship Development

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Shifting Cultural Perceptions About Migraine

Joanna Kempner, PhD

Author & Professor
Rutgers University

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How to Build a Good Relationship with Your Doctor

Kerrie Smyres


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Day 3 (2017)

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David Dodick, MD

Rare Migraine Types: Vestibular, Hemiplegic, Complicated

David Dodick, MD

Director of Headache Program
Mayo Clinic, Arizona

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William Young

Breaking the Vicious Cycle of Chronic Migraine

William B. Young, MD

Neurologist and Headache Specialist
Jefferson Headache Center

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Bob Wold

Managing The Excruciating Pain of Cluster Headache

Bob Wold

Founder and President

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Unrelenting Daily Headaches and Migraines

Zubair Ahmed

Cleveland Clinic

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When Medications Actually Trigger Pain

Larry Charleston IV, MD

University of Michigan

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Using Mindfulness to Fight Chronic Pain

Vidyamala Burch


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Day 4 (2017)

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Managing Light Sensitivity and Migraine

Kathleen Digre, MD

Professor of Neuro-Opthamology
University of Utah

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Weather-Related Migraine

Michael Steinberg

Expert Senior Meteorologist

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Andrew Charles, MD

Neck Pain and Migraine: Trigger or Symptom

Andrew Charles, MD

UCLA Goldberg Migraine Program

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Eat to Thrive: How an Ancestral Diet Fights Migraine

Josh Turknett, MD

The Migraine Miracle

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Living As Well As Possible with Chronic Pain

Jenni Grover Prokopy


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Planning for Pregnancy with Migraine

Matthew Robbins, MD

Associate Professor of Neurology and Residency Program Director
Weill Cornell Medicine, New York Presbyterian Hospital

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Day 5 (2017)

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Best and Worst Places to Live with Migraine

Bert Sperling

Best Places to Live

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Amy Gelfand

Best Therapies that are Safe for Kids

Amy Gelfand, MD

Director of Pediatric Headache Program and Pediatric Headache Specialist
University of California, San Francisco

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Best and Worst Supplements for Migraine

Andrea Harriott, MD

Brigham and Women’s Hospital

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Arts & Healing: Coping via Creative Expression

Ping Ho

Founder and Director
UCLArts and Healing

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Calling in Sick: An Employer’s Perspective of Migraine at Work

Brian Gifford, MD

Director of Research
Integrated Benefits Institute

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Migraine Statistics and Costs

Lars Jacob Stovner, MD

Norwegian Migraine Society

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Day 6 (2017)

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Deborah Friedman

Research Pipeline: New Migraine Therapies in Development

Deborah Friedman, MD, MPH, FAAN

Professor of Neurology & Ophthalmology
UT Southwestern

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Best Acute Treatments You May Not Have Tried

Lawrence C. Newman, MD

NYU Langone Headache Division, USA

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Managing Migraine Emergencies: Avoiding the ER

Richard Lipton, MD

Professor, Neurologist and Director
Montefiore Headache Center

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Paul Martin

Behavioural Treatments for Migraine

Paul R. Martin, PhD

Australian National University

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Brian Grosberg

Neuromodulation: New Devices That Can Ease Pain

Brian Grosberg, MD

Director and Headache Specialist
Hartford HealthCare Headache Center

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You’re Not Alone: What People Don’t Get About Migraine

Lisa Jacobson

The Daily Migraine

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Autoimmune Disease and Migraine: What’s the Link? - Peter McAllister, MD
Discovering New Treatments Worth Trying - David Dodick, MD
Migraine Diets and Food Triggers - Vince Martin, MD
Moving Through the Pain: Exercise and Migraine - Richard Lipton, MD
How An Integrative Approach Can Help Migraine - Deena Kuruvilla, MD, FAHS
How to Manage Weather Triggers - Jan Hoffmann, MD, PhD
How Your Gut and Sleep Affect Migraine - Stasha Gominak, MD
Juggling Multiple Conditions With Migraine - Rebecca C. Burch, MD, FAHS
Preventing Attacks Before They Happen - Jan Lewis Brandes, MD
Recovering From Trauma and Concussion - Morris Levin, MD
Shortening Attacks With Early Migraine Intervention - Andrew Charles, MD
What Causes Migraine and Its Symptoms - Catherine Stark, MD
Why Doesn’t Migraine Have a Cure Yet? - Tissa Wijeratne, MD, FRACP, FAAN
Unlocking the Mystery of Migraine Pathogenesis - Peter Goadsby, MD

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