MRF was established in 2006 to help the 1 billion people who suffer from migraine, an enormous public health problem that burdens society, business, families, and, most importantly, individual sufferers. Without significant funding available, breakthroughs in treatment will not be discovered. MRF was founded to respond to this lack of funding.

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Over 90% of people with migraine report light sensitivity, and many say light is a migraine trigger. Axon Optics’ lenses block painful light while letting the good light in, reducing headache impact by 24% and light sensitivity impact by 38%.

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Today's Interviews

Can a Ketogenic Diet Prevent Migraine?

Angel Moreno, NP

Nurse Practitioner
UCLA Goldberg Migraine Program, USA

How Posture and Massage Affect Migraine

Mark Braschinsky, MD

Tartu University Hospital, Estonia

Migraine and Exercise: Trigger or Preventitive?

Mattias Linde, MD, PhD

Professor and Consultant Neurologist
Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

CGRP and Butterbur: Comparing the Evidence

Pierangelo Geppetti, MD

Professor in the Department of Health Sciences
University of Florence, Italy

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