Is it possible to have migraine associated vertigo without a headache?

David Dodick, MD

It is possible for someone to have migraine-associated vertigo without a headache. Headache is just one symptom of migraine and not everyone has headache as a symptom of their migraine.

How can I keep intimacy in my relationship when I have frequent migraine attacks?

Dawn C. Buse, PhD

Frequent migraine attacks can impact intimacy and sex life in a relationship. What are some ways to try to keep a relationship strong while living with migraine?

Does migraine make me a bad mother/father/wife/husband?

Dawn C. Buse, PhD

Migraine can make it hard to feel like you are carrying out your role(s) in the family well. Are you alone in feeling like you could be a better mother/father/wife/husband without migraine?

Does migraine hurt a relationship?

Dawn C. Buse, PhD

Does migraine impact the partners of those living with migraine? Does migraine have an effect on relationships and, if so, what challenges does it present?

Is migraine a real thing?

Dawn C. Buse, PhD

Is migraine all “in my head” or is it something with a real, biological basis? Where does migraine come from and why does it happen? How do you handle migraine?  

Why do light and sound seem to exacerbate pain during a migraine attack?

Todd Schwedt, MD

Areas of the migraine brain are overactive during an attack and can cause pain thresholds of individuals to drop. This results in a greater pain response when processing light and sound.

What are phantom smells?

Todd Schwedt, MD

Phantom smells are odors that a person smells that are not actually there. The smells vary from person to person but are usually unpleasant, such as the smell of something burning.

What are some signs that a migraine attack might be starting?

Todd Schwedt, MD

Some signs that a migraine attack might be starting are increased sensitivity to smells, lights, or sounds; neck pain; yawning; increased urination; mood changes; and food cravings.

Is a hypersensitivity to odors a symptom of a migraine attack or a trigger for an attack?

Todd Schwedt, MD

Those with migraine usually have a heightened sense of smell. This hypersensitivity to odors can be both a trigger and a symptom of a migraine attack.

How does the migraine brain respond differently to pain versus the brain of someone that does not have migraine?

Todd Schwedt, MD

The migraine brain responds to a greater extent to a painful stimulus resulting in an intensification of pain. Conversely, the area of the migraine brain that is responsible for blocking pain does not activate as it should.

Do those with migraine respond to pain differently than others?

Todd Schwedt, MD

Research has discovered that the brain of someone with migraine responds differently to a painful stimulus than the brain of someone without migraine.

What is cutaneous allodynia?

Todd Schwedt, MD

Cutaneous allodynia is characterized by pain provoked by stimulation of the skin that would ordinarily not produce pain. It is not an increased sensitivity to pain.

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