Are different wavelengths of light (colors) more bothersome than others to those with migraine?

Todd Schwedt, MD

Research has found that certain wavelengths of light, or colors, are more bothersome than others to those with migraine. These wavelengths are more likely to trigger or aggravate a migraine attack.

What is photophobia?

Todd Schwedt, MD

Photophobia is a heightened sensitivity or intolerance to light or any form of visual stimuli. It does not mean what the name suggests, as in a fear of light.

Can those with migraine have a fluctuating threshold of pain between and during attacks?

Todd Schwedt, MD

Although the pain threshold of those with migraine is usually lower than normal during an attack, levels can fluctuate throughout the migraine cycle and between attacks.

Do those with migraine have a different threshold of pain than those without migraine?

Todd Schwedt, MD

Studies have shown that those with migraine have lower thresholds of pain. This means that it takes less of a stimulus to cause pain versus someone who does not have migraine.

How can a couple get through difficult times?

Les Parrott, PhD

Being adaptable and having a good attitude are invaluable in rising above difficult times, such as dealing with chronic illness, in a relationship.

Why is empathy more meaningful than sympathy when a partner is suffering?

Les Parrott, PhD

Partners need to communicate ahead of time what their specific needs are when they are suffering because everyone has different personalities and needs.

How can someone learn to be more empathetic?

Les Parrott, PhD

Understanding that empathy involves both the head and the heart, or both analyzing and sympathizing, is the key for developing greater empathy.

What are the basic principles of good communication in a relationship?

Les Parrott, PhD

The two most basic principles of communication within a relationship are clarifying content and reflecting feelings.

Can chronic pain and illness actually bring couples closer together?

Les Parrott, PhD

Couples can rise above bad experiences, like chronic pain, and love each other not in spite of it but sometimes even because of it.

How does chronic pain strain relationships?

Les Parrott, PhD

The personal struggle of managing chronic pain is also a relationship and family problem because it affects everyone around.

Do those with migraine have heightened senses only during migraine attacks or do hypersensitivities exist between attacks, as well?

Todd Schwedt, MD

Although the level of sensitivity is heightened during a migraine attack, those with migraine are likely to experience such hypersensitivities both during and between migraine attacks.

What senses are usually heightened in the migraine brain?

Todd Schwedt, MD

Individuals with migraine usually experience hypersensitivities to light, sound, smell and touch. These senses can be heightened both during and between migraine attacks.

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