How can menstrual migraine be treated?

Susan Hutchinson, MD

There are many ways to treat menstrual or menstrual-related migraine, both with and without hormonal manipulation.

How can hormones cause migraine?

Susan Hutchinson, MD

The drop in estrogen just before menses is the biggest trigger for menstrual migraine.

How can a woman find out if her migraines are related to her hormones?

Susan Hutchinson, MD

Using a headache diary or calendar is critical for a woman in order to track her menstrual cycles and symptoms.

What are pure menstrual migraine and menstrual-related migraine?

Susan Hutchinson, MD

Pure menstrual migraine is when women experience migraine only around their menstrual cycles. However, more women experience menstrual-related migraine, which means they have triggers other than just their period.

Is there a connection between female hormones and migraine?

Susan Hutchinson, MD

At puberty, the ratio of migraine in women to men is 3 to 1, and that ratio remains fairly constant until women enter menopause. Hormones have a strong connection to migraine in 60% of females with migraine disease.

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