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Watch three world-renowned headache experts + celebrities Whitney Cummings and Amanda Beard

Wednesday, March 11, 2020. Free Encore Presentation Online Thursday, March 26, 2020

On-Demand 6:00pm EST March 26 - 6:00pm EST March 27

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Comedian Whitney Cummings joined Migraine World Summit hosts Paula Dumas and Carl Cincinnato to kick off the 5th Annual Migraine World Summit online at this live, in-person event. Hear from three leading migraine experts to discover the latest innovations in migraine therapy and why 2020 marks a whole new era for people with migraine.

Migraine World Summit Onstage on March 11 kicks off the annual 8-day virtual summit that begins a week later, March 18-26. The one day event was held at Grand Hyatt New York on March 11, 2020 from 6:00-8:30pm EST in front of a live studio audience.

Emmy-nominated comedian, writer and producer Whitney Cummings revealed details of her personal struggle with migraine attacks since childhood and how it’s affected her entertainment career. Three world-leading migraine experts from Thomas Jefferson School of Medicine, Einstein College of Medicine and The Mayo Clinic shared valuable insights and answered questions from the live audience.

Amanda Beard

Special Appearance by Best-Selling Author, Entrepreneur and Seven-Time Olympic Medalist Amanda Beard.

Please note: this event is now over but you can watch during the Online Migraine World Summit.  Click the button below to register/watch.


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View highlights from last year’s 2019 onstage event!

Learn first-hand from leading headache experts, hear honest stories from celebrities with migraine and connect with others who are going through the same struggle in this private and supportive event.


The event agenda is referenced in the following sessions:

Welcome Reception
5:00 - 6:00pm

Orange Carpet Arrivals | Welcome Reception and Migraine Art Gallery | Hydration Station | Brain Healthy Bites | Sponsor and Nonprofit Showcase.

Introduction and Expert Talks
6:00 - 7:00pm

Introduction - Paula K. Dumas and Carl Cincinnato | Are You Really "Just Fine"? - William B. Young MD | Why Now is the Time to Feel Better - Dawn Buse PhD | How Can You Stand Up Against Migraine? - Amaal Starling MD

Ask The Doctor - Audience Q&A
7:00 - 7:30pm

Ask three leading migraine and headache specialists and two top patient advocates your questions about migraine and headache disorders.

Celebrity Interviews
7:30 - 8:20pm

Comedian Whitney Cummings, author of "I'm Fine" shares why she's not exactly fine in this exclusive interview. Amanda Beard shares highlights from her Day 1 Summit interview about migraine.

2020 Sneak Preview
8:20 - 8:30pm

See what's coming during Migraine World Summit 2020, which premieres March 18-26 | Paula & Carl


William Young

William B. Young, MD

Neurologist and Headache Specialist
Jefferson Headache Center

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Dawn C. Buse, PhD

Psychologist & Clinical Professor
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

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Amaal J. Starling, MD, FAHS, FAAN

Mayo Clinic, Arizona

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Paula K. Dumas

Co-Host, Managing Editor
Migraine World Summit, MigraineAgain.com

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Carl Cincinnato

Migraine World Summit

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Migraine World Summit Onstage was held at the Grand Hyatt New York. If you missed it, you can catch the free online Encore Presentation with 32 more experts on Day 9 of the Online Migraine World Summit March 18-27, 2020.

Register at https://MigraineWorldSummit.com.

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About MWS
Each year dozens of leading migraine experts, doctors and specialists from around the world are interviewed to help answer the most difficult questions for those with migraine in desperate need of relief.

The first event in 2020 begins with the Onstage in-person event on March 11. Starting from March 18 is the 9-day online Migraine World Summit which showcases 4 interviews per day on a range of migraine and headache related topics. This online event is free while live from March 18-26 and available for purchase thereafter.

The Migraine World Summit is a socially driven organization that partners with and supports nonprofits. Up to 50% of funds raised from the Migraine World Summit go towards our migraine nonprofit partners listed on the homepage, who are doing wonderful work to help fund migraine research, support patients and advocate for migraine sufferers.

To date, we’ve donated over $20,000 USD to migraine and headache nonprofits, groups, and foundations. The small percentage of individuals who purchase a copy of the Migraine World Summit each year help us continue our important work.


How is this event different from the Migraine World Summit that I've watched online?

The online Migraine World Summit 2020 premieres the following week on March 18-26, is 8 days long and features 34+ in-depth video interviews that you can watch anytime, anywhere with an internet connection. This event is one night, in person with 500 people in New York City. Hosts Paula Dumas and Carl Cincinnato will appear, along with three world-leading experts and celebrity Whitney Cummings. This is a ticketed event. Register online if you'd like to attend in person.

How can I see it if I missed the March 11 event?

That's easy - don't miss the Encore Presentation on Day 9 of the Migraine World Summit Online. Register for free at https://migraineworldsummit.com

Should we be worried about the coronavirus?

We have responded by a) limiting the number of participants able to join the in-person event b) screening all participants and denying access to those that are at higher risk of transmission, c) providing a virtual viewing option online and d) increasing the number of handwashing and hand-sanitizing stations at the event.

I purchased a ticket for MWS Onstage but I missed it. Can I get a refund?

You can choose to get a refund, or allow your ticket to remain a donation to the World Health Education Foundation, a 501c3. If you want a refund, please request via email to [email protected]


We want to thank our sponsors for their generous support of this event.


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