Neuromodulation Devices: Proven Drug-Free Treatment for Migraine

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Key Questions
  • What are neuromodulation devices?
  • How do these devices treat headache disorders?
  • How are neuromodulation devices different from the medications that treat migraine?
  • What nerves and pathways are involved in migraine disease, and how do neuromodulation devices target them?
  • What devices are available now to treat migraine?
  • Are some neuromodulation devices approved to treat headache disorders other than migraine?
  • Are any devices approved to prevent, as well as treat, migraine attacks?
  • What are some of the potential side effects of treatment with neuromodulation devices?
  • Who should not use these devices?
  • Is it painful to use a neuromodulation device?
  • What challenges might patients encounter in accessing treatment with a neuromodulation device?
  • How are newer neuromodulation devices different from implanted devices?
Interview Notes
Treatments Mentioned
  • Acupressure
  • Acupuncture
  • Atogepant (Qulipta)
  • Deep breathing
  • Eptinezumab (Vyepti)
  • Erenumab (Aimovig)
  • Fremanezumab (Ajovy)
  • Galcanezumab (Emgality)
  • gammaCore Sapphire
  • Gargling
  • Humming
  • Implantable devices
  • Nerivio
  • Relivion MG
  • Rimegepant (Nurtec ODT)
  • SAVI Dual Migraine Therapy
  • Sumatriptan
  • Topiramate (Topamax)
  • Ubrogepant (Ubrelvy)
  • Zavegepant (Zavzpret)

Please note: The Migraine World Summit’s aim is to bring you a variety of perspectives and expertise, independent of bias or judgment. Alternative theories presented in this video have not been medically reviewed. Views expressed in this interview do not necessarily represent the views of the Migraine World Summit. Please always consult your health care professional and do your own research before making changes to your treatment plan.

Fred Cohen, MD

Assistant Professor of Medicine and Neurology
Mount Sinai Headache and Facial Pain Center, Icahn School of Medicine

Dr. Fred Cohen is an assistant professor of medicine and neurology at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai-New York City. Dr. Cohen received his medical degree from Stony Brook University School of Medicine. He completed a residency in internal medicine at the Montefiore Medical Center, Albert Einstein College of Medicine, followed by a fellowship in headache medicine at the Jefferson Headache Center, Thomas Jefferson University Hospital.

Dr. Cohen is one of the few headache specialists in the country trained in both internal medicine and headache medicine. His research has been published in several medical journals, including Headache, Cephalalgia, Pain Medicine, and Neurotherapeutics, and he serves on the editorial board for Headache: The Journal of Head and Face Pain.

Interviews from Fred Cohen, MD

Neuromodulation Devices: Proven Drug-Free Treatment for Migraine
Is Migraine a Progressive Disease?

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