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This image was created by Amy M. from the social media team for Migraine Awareness Month 2021. 

The Migraine World Summit is an annual live event that is held each year in March or April. It is available for free online. 

The Migraine World Summit provides an opportunity to improve patients’ and caregivers’ understanding of migraine and headache disorders by providing access to leading migraine experts, doctors and specialists from around the world. 

Our mission is simple… to reduce the global burden of migraine. By giving access to many of the world’s top experts, information is shared that can be discussed with the patients’ healthcare professionals to improve health and wellness.


  • Our social media team is largely collaborative and is made up of several unique teams: Scheduling, Engagement, Video, Research, Analytics, Captions, Graphics, Cross Promotion, Awareness Days, Content Calendar, and LinkedIn. Each member is assigned to one or more of these teams and reports to their respective captain. Please check each team’s roles to determine where you have interest. 
  • Our bolded roles are where we will be primarily recruiting, but please note if you also have interest/experience in other roles. 
  • We currently have a presence on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. We have plans to add TikTok and YouTube.

Roles exist on the following teams:

  • Scheduling Team:
      • You know or can quickly learn all major social media platforms, Hootsuite, AirTable, Bitly, LinkTree, etc.
      • While most things can be scheduled in advance, you are also willing to jump in for last minute emergencies.
      • You can confidently edit captions to apply to platform-specific character lengths.  
  • Engagement Team:
      • You can confidently respond to all comments across various platforms prioritizing empathy and professionalism.
      • You understand how people struggling with a debilitating illness may express their frustration in different ways, and you truly want to help them. 
      • You know how to continuously ask additional questions to rev up engagement on each post. 
      • You excel at commenting on posts of other accounts and relevant hashtags to grow our network.
      • You enjoy creating a strong community within social media.
      • While we are not a support group, you are able to build an atmosphere within the comment sections which allows members to find support from our account and from one another. 
  • Video Team:
      • You have experience editing videos from Vimeo to fit in specific formats like IG Reels, IGTV, TikTok.
      • You enjoy finding highlights and usable short content from longer MWS videos. 
      • You are comfortable placing each of these formats across multiple social media platforms. 
  • Research Team:
      • You enjoy staying up to date on the latest trends of migraine management.
      • For each week’s infographic, you love scouring through old MWS transcripts as well as resources from our partners and medical journals. 
      • You can convey this research in concise bullet points and paragraphs tailored for social media. 
      • When we receive new transcripts for the upcoming Summit’s interviews, you will be able to identify compelling quotes which will speak to the audience and look great on a social media graphic.  
  • Analytics Team:
      • You excel at analyzing data trends and enjoy suggesting improvements to our current models to increase engagement.
      • You have experience with each social media platform’s insights and analytics tools and creating reports from this data.
      • You enjoy optimizing hashtags and keywords and creating social media strategy.
      • You could help set goals for the team and help track the progress towards these goals. 
  • LinkedIn Team:
    • LinkedIn is quite a unique platform and you feel comfortable gauging which posts/captions are appropriate for it. 
    • You feel comfortable growing this network, knowing that many people are not comfortable disclosing an illness to their employers and that many doctors are active on and want to promote themselves as experts on this platform. 


  • Caption Team:
    • You excel at conveying medical information regarding migraine in a way that gives people the information while maintaining distance from giving medical advice.
    • All captions revolve around: Validation, Education, Inspiration, and Interrogation (VEII) 
    • You are able to discuss very emotional and difficult messages while conveying a sense of hope. 
  • Graphics Team:
    • You are comfortable using Canva to create our main pillars of graphics: Infographics, Quote Graphics (quotes directly from the expert interviews), and Awareness Day Graphics. 
    • You can work with strict deadlines and be able to be called in for emergencies with short notice.
  • Cross Promotion Team:
    • You are well organized and can keep track of reviewing many emails with requests from partner organizations to promote their content.
    • You feel confident deciding which promotions will interest our audience and which platforms are best suited for that particular address. 
    • You work closely with the scheduling team to ensure no cross promotions interfere with and detract engagement from our own posts. 
  • Awareness Days Team:
    • You get excited over finding new awareness days that you can creatively tie to migraine. 
    • You enjoy researching statistics for each awareness day.
    • You are organized and ensure that each day gets added to our content calendar and does not slip through the cracks.
  • Content Calendar Team:
    • You are extremely organized.
    • You are familiar with, or able to learn quickly, AirTable. 
    • You constantly ensure that each aspect of a post is complete from each separate team, and you track down any elements that are missing.


See each subteam’s responsibility.

Along with our own posts, we also monitor any live events including live webinars and any other potential live event streams


See each individual subteam qualifications

    • Expertise with social media platforms.
    • Knowledge of migraine disease and available tools/resources (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, Hootsuite, AirTable, Bitly, LinkTree, Vimeo, Slack).
    • Experience growing social media community, brand, or page.
    • You have a strong interest in migraine and helping others struggling with this disease. 
    • You are a quick learner of technology and social platforms.
    • You work well with a team.
    • You are willing to step in to cover emergencies, especially as the majority of our team members deal with unreliable health, which cannot be planned. 

Note: There are several different roles within the team based around scheduling, responding to comments, researching, creating posts, and analyzing data. You will not be responsible for all roles. See each role for qualifications. 


  • Life experience with migraine or as a migraine caregiver
  • Video production experience 


Location:  Flexible


  • Part-time role(s) year-round.
  • Minimum of 8 hours/week during the on-season (January- March); 3 hours/week for the rest of the year. Increased hours during March.


Join Our Team

At the 2021 Migraine World Summit, we had more than 100,000 participants from more than 100 countries listen to 32 world-leading experts.

We heard in emails, video messages, and social media comments that these events have opened up a world of hope and turned lives around.

This has been made possible only by the goodwill of our world-leading experts and volunteers who have generously shared their knowledge, time, and expertise. We owe a big thank you to everyone who was involved.

Now you have the opportunity to get involved in this life-changing work to help make a difference for people with migraine. On behalf of the Migraine World Summit and WHEF, we are looking for a few capable and generous volunteers to join the team to help provide education and support to our global audience.

These roles are flexible and purpose-driven. You’re also likely to pick up new skills, friends, and ideas for better health along the way. This could also be a great stepping stone if you’re looking to get back into the workforce.

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We understand that for many, life is a daily struggle and you are simply not in a position to take on anything more. If you feel like this could be taxing on your health in any way, please do not apply. We greatly appreciate your consideration but we would much rather you prioritize your health and come back in a better place next year.

If you are talented, experienced and ready to demonstrate just how amazing you can be despite chronic illness, please apply or share this with someone you know. These roles are open globally.

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