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Pre-Summit Webinar 2024
Get an inside overview of the 2024 topics, speakers, and event tips and shortcuts.

You’re warmly invited to watch the pre-event LIVE webinar recording for the 2024 Migraine World Summit.

Whether you’re a veteran of past Summits or are new this year, we covered the essential information you need to know:

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Paula and Carl

Paula Dumas & Carl Cincinnato

Migraine World Summit

Paula K. Dumas is a lifelong migraine warrior, Founder, and former Managing Editor of MigraineAgain.com.

After juggling a demanding career with CNN, Apple, and Disney, she shifted gears to devote herself to family, faith, and health advocacy. Although she’s lost a decade’s worth of days to migraine, she’s been able to reduce her frequency from 25 days a month to less than a day a month.

Now, she’s helping others to do the same.

To advocate for people with migraine, Paula has served on the Board of the American Migraine Foundation (AMF), the steering committee of the Coalition of Headache and Migraine Patients (CHAMP), the International Headache Society Global Patient Advocacy Committee, and was nominated for a WEGO Health Advocate award. She and her husband, Karl, lobby legislators on Capitol Hill as part of the US Headache on the Hill organized by the Association of Headache Disorders Advocacy (AHDA).

She’s spoken at the International Headache Academy, the first Migraine World Summit, and Research America’s Annual National Health Forum to raise awareness about migraine. She presented her research at the American Academy of Neurology conference, one of two academic research studies she co-authored (CaMEO and My Migraine Voice). Together, these research studies measure the impact that migraine has on people’s lives, relationships, work, and finances in over 31 countries.

She’s authored over 300 articles on migraine health and wellness to educate people with migraine and produced over 200 videos, interviews, and podcasts. With Carl and her husband Karl, Paula co-founded the World Health Education Foundation, producing the largest live event for people with migraine, Migraine World Summit Onstage in LA in March 2019 and New York in March 2020.

To create healthier workplaces for people with migraine, Paula serves as chair of the MigraineAtWork.org campaign, focused on helping employers and employees tackle the widespread challenge of working through painful attacks. Each year, Paula co-leads an amazing global team of people with migraine who produce the Migraine World Summit, demonstrating the resilience and commitment of these courageous warriors.

Carl Cincinnato stopped taking his health for granted at an early age due to migraine. He has had migraine for 30 years. Over this time, health has become central throughout his life and work. This includes working with some of the biggest health companies in the world.

Today, he works with several charities, foundations, and organizations, including Headache Australia, the Brain Foundation, the Coalition of Headache and Migraine Patients, the Global Patient Advocacy Coalition, and the World Headache and Migraine Alliance. He is a member of the International Headache Society, acts on several advisory councils, and is the editor at MigrainePal.com and co-host for the Migraine World Summit.

Carl is a public and passionate patient advocate for migraine. He has spoken nationally and internationally about migraine and the need to increase research funding, reduce stigma, and increase patient support and education.

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