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Our Expert Speakers & Topics

Rebecca Wells

Learning the Full Impact of Migraine Through Patient Voices

Rebecca Erwin Wells, MD, MPH, FAHS

Associate Professor; Founder & Director, Comprehensive Headache Program
Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist & Wake Forest School of Medicine

Expert Tips to Manage Persistent Migraine Pain

Jessica Ailani, MD, FAHS, FAAN

MedStar Georgetown Headache Center, Washington, DC

Migraine Long Haulers: Lasting Effects

Matthew Robbins, MD

Associate Professor of Neurology and Residency Program Director
Weill Cornell Medicine, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

The Latest New Treatments for Migraine

Deborah Friedman, MD, MPH, FAAN, FAHS

Neuro-Ophthalmologist & Headache Specialist
Yellow Rose Headache & Neuro-Ophthamology


Persistent Chronic Migraine Symptoms Between Attacks

Christine Lay, MD, FAHS

Professor of Neurology, Deborah Ivy Christiani Brill Chair
University of Toronto

10 Steps to Migraine Management Your Doctor Should be Taking

Messoud Ashina, MD, PhD, DMSc

Professor of Neurology
Danish Headache Center, Rigshospitalet Glostrup, University of Copenhagen

True Resilience: How a Paralympian Wins With Migraine

Allysa Seely

Paratriathlete & Paralympic Gold Medalist
Team USA

When Nothing Works: Treatment-Resistant Chronic Migraine

Amaal J. Starling, MD, FAHS, FAAN

Mayo Clinic, Arizona

Complementary and Integrative Treatments for Migraine

Elizabeth Leroux, MD, FRCPC

Headache Specialist
Montreal Neurological Clinic, Canada

Autoimmune Disease and Migraine: A Closer Look

Peter McAllister, MD, FAAN

Medical Director
New England Institute for Neurology & Headache

Inflammation Control as Migraine Control

Gretchen E. Tietjen, MD

Professor Emerita of Neurology
University of Toledo

Vince Martin

Ehlers-Danlos, Connective Tissue Disorders & Migraine

Vince Martin, MD, AQH

Headache & Facial Pain Center at the University of Cincinnati Gardner Neuroscience Institute

Physical Therapy Modalities for Headache & Pain

Ali Ladak, PT, DPT, PhD

Lead Therapist
Penn Therapy & Fitness

Drug-Free Devices for Modulating Migraine

Deena Kuruvilla, MD, FAHS

Neurologist & Director
Westport Headache Institute

Understanding The Genetics of Headache

Professor Lyn Griffiths, PhD, BSc Hons

Director, Centre for Genomics & Personalised Health
Queensland University of Technology, Australia

Techniques for Managing Vestibular Migraine

Michael Teixido, MD

Assistant Professor of Otorhinolaryngology
Thomas Jefferson Medical College, USA

Long-Term Effects of New Migraine Medications

Robert P. Cowan, MD

Professor of Neurology & Director of Research in Headache and Facial Pain
Stanford University School of Medicine

Strategies to Boost Brain Health

Krystal L. Culler, DBH, MA

Founder & Creative Director
Virtual Brain Health Center

New Daily Persistent Headache: Causes, Symptoms & Treatment

David Dodick, MD

Professor (Emeritus)
Mayo Clinic, Arizona

Food and Diets: A Nutritionist’s Take On How They Affect Migraine

Margaret Slavin, PhD, RDN

Associate Professor of Nutrition & Food Studies
George Mason University

Chronic Cluster Headache

Christopher Gottschalk, MD, FAHS

Professor of Clinical Neurology; Director, Headache & Facial Pain Program
Yale Medicine

Learning How to Sleep Better with Migraine

Alex Dimitriu, MD

Psychiatrist & Founder
Menlo Park Psychiatry & Sleep Medicine (SiliconPsych)

How We Got to Now: A History of Migraine

Katherine Foxhall, PhD

Historian & Author
Migraine: A History

Navigating COVID with Migraine in Europe

Patricia Pozo-Rosich, MD, PhD

Head of Neurology Section
Vall d’Hebron Hospital and Institute of Research, Spain

Osmophobia: Scent-Induced Migraine

Frederick Godley, MD

Founder & President
Association of Migraine Disorders

Chronic Disease on Social Media: Helpful or Harmful?

Cynthia Armand, MD

Neurologist and Headache Specialist
Albert Einstein College of Medicine/Montefiore Headache Center

Best Practices for Treating Children With Migraine

Scott W. Powers, PhD, ABPP, FAHS

CCRF Endowed Chair & Professor of Pediatrics
Cincinnati Children's Hospital/University of Cincinnati College of Medicine

Women’s Health Inequities and Migraine

Monica P. Mallampalli, PhD

Founder and CEO
Institute for Women's Health Strategies

Staying Hopeful: Treatment Burnout in Chronic Disease

Dawn C. Buse, PhD

Psychologist & Clinical Professor
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

How Women’s Hormones Affect Migraine

Jelena Pavlović, MD, PhD

Associate Professor
Montefiore Headache Center

The Latest Cannabis Research for Migraine

Nathaniel M. Schuster, MD

Associate Professor & Associate Clinic Director
University of California, San Diego Center for Pain Medicine


The Latest Developments in Migraine Research

Richard B. Lipton, MD

Professor of Neurology & Director of the Montefiore Headache Center, and Director of the Division of Cognitive Aging and Dementia
Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Paula and Carl

Highlights Webinar 2022

Paula Dumas & Carl Cincinnato

Migraine World Summit

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I’m not always available all the days, all the time slots nor feeling at my best to absorb the material. The library of information is so valuable to go back and read or share with others as well as find things later that you didn’t think applied at the time. Days, weeks, months, years later.

Jen Bradley

"Amazing. This was so helpful."

Linda Paulson

Migraine symptoms happen all year (like we need to be reminded! lol!) and having access to all the resources of the Summit & library is VERY helpful to have, anytime we want to search, find answers.

Diane H E Short

"I would like to thank everyone involved in this Summit for all their hard work and boundless enthusiasm for the subject, it has been a refreshing and positive experience, so thankful again."

Susan Green

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