Tad Seifert, MD

Director of Sport Concussion Program
Norton Healthcare

Dr Tad Seifert is the Director of the Norton Healthcare’s Sports Concussion Program and is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Neurology at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine. He has fellowship in Headache and Facial pain at the renowned Houston Headache Clinic. In 2013, he was appointed head of the NCAA Headache Task Force, where he oversees clinical research related to headache in college athletes. Dr. Seifert also serves as a board member of the Kentucky Boxing and Wrestling Authority. Dr. Seifert’s clinical practice involves interpreting preseason baseline and follow-up testing, diagnosing and managing concussions, and following patients after injury. The comprehensive Sports Concussion Program is composed of multidisciplinary services, including neurology, neurosurgery, pediatrics, emergency medicine, neuroradiology, sports medicine and physical therapy. Dr. Seifert cares for athletes of all ages and levels, from youth sports to professional leagues.