Shirley Kessel

Executive Director
Miles for Migraine

Shirley Kessel lives with chronic migraine, and is a mother of three daughters, two of whom also live with migraine. When her youngest daughter was diagnosed at an early age, they both decided that it was time to take action to bring awareness and raise money for migraine research. In 2013, Shirley helped bring Miles for Migraine to the Philadelphia community. In 2017, when it became apparent that the organization should take the race series nationwide, she was named the executive director of Miles for Migraine.

Shirley has worked in healthcare for the past 26 years and has served on various nonprofit boards since 1991. A former yoga therapist for eating-disorder recovery, she uses daily movement to help alleviate her migraine symptoms and boost her energy. She says she won’t retire until a cure is found for this disabling disease.