Nazia Karsan, MRCP, PhD

Postdoctoral Clinical Fellow
King's College London

Dr. Nazia Karsan is a neurologist currently working as a postdoctoral researcher within the Headache Group at King’s College London, led by Professor Peter Goadsby. She also facilitates a weekly children’s headache clinic at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London with Dr. Prab Prabhakar. In her current role, she sees, diagnoses, and treats primary headache disorders, including migraine and cluster headache, as well as other trigeminal autonomic cephalgias (TACs).

Her research focus is on understanding the neurobiology of primary headache disorders, particularly migraine, using experimental medicine and functional neuroimaging. In addition to pediatric and adolescent headache, she also has interests in characterizing the extended migraine phenotype and understanding the nonpainful manifestations of the disorder.

She was awarded the American Headache Society’s 2020 Early Career Award for her paper titled,  “Alterations in Functional Connectivity During Different Phases of the Triggered Migraine Attack.” She has also been awarded the 2022 International Headache Society Headache Science Early Career Award.