David Watson

David Watson, MD, FAAN

Chair & Professor of Neurology
Rockefeller Neuroscience Institute and WVU Headache Center

Dr. David Watson is chair and professor of neurology at the West Virginia University School of Medicine, where he founded the WVU Headache Center 12 years ago. He is also a member of the Underserved Populations in Headache Medicine Special Interest Section with the American Headache Society.

Dr. Watson himself lives with a mild form of episodic migraine and has spent the last 16 years working to improve the lives of patients with migraine and other disorders that cause severe head pain. His clinical work focuses on patients with headache disorders and access to care for underserved populations, while his research interests lie in new and emerging treatment options.

Dr. Watson is a recipient of the American Headache Society’s 2018 Above and Beyond Award, which acknowledges an individual who has provided significant service. He was also named the 2017 Palatucci Advocate of the Year by the American Academy of Neurology.