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Emails | Articles

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Feel free to publish as is or adapt as you see fit:

  1. Email/Article  The Online 2020 Migraine World Summit Announced
  2. Email/Article How To Beat Unfair Migraine Odds
  3. Email/Article Could Your Doctor Be Giving You the Wrong Treatment
  4. Email/Article  The Migraine Epidemic
  5. Email/Article What Your Doctor Can’t Tell You



Flyer Front
Flyer – Back


Flyer Front (light option)

Key Visuals Square & Social Media Posts

Window Square
Top Docs Square


Sunset Square
Speaker Selection Square
Quote Square
Key Visual 2020 Square
Bed Square

Key Visuals Landscape

Landscape Key Visual
Landscape Sunset Key Visual
Landscape Speakers Sample
Landscape Key Visual Quotes
Landscape Key Visual Alternative

Mobile & Skyscrapers

Top doctors
Tall key visual
Tall brain montage
Question tall
Heavy copy option tall
Brain montage
White option tall

Website Banners Flat

Brain montage flat
Brain montage flat white
728×90 option 3
728×90 option 2
728×90 Option 1


Website Banners Square

Quotes square banner
Light option square banner
Top docs square banner
Brain montage square banner


Onstage In-Person Live Event Images






Referral Program Introduction 2020 (Webinar Replay)



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Primary logo
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Horizontal white text logo


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