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  • Interviews: requests for interviews with Carl Cincinnato or Paula K. Dumas can be made via our PR representatives or by emailing [email protected].
  • Logos: Do not use the Migraine World Summit logo. It is not permitted for use without express written permission.
  • Photos/Videos: View our online press resources here. You may request any photos and video clips by contacting our PR representatives or emailing [email protected].
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Content Usage Policy

The goal of the Migraine World Summit is to reduce the global burden of migraine through education and fundraising. We encourage the community, non-profit organizations, bloggers, companies and media to share the insights discussed at the Summit while respecting our copyrighted content. We license our content under certain conditions listed below.

Commercial cases: Using a Migraine World Summit talk in a commercial context (e.g. training materials, at a public event, on an intranet system, in an advertisement, on a product website and more) requires a license. Please contact us directly at [email protected] to inquire about licensing content for such purposes.

Non-commercial cases: We encourage you to share insights learned from the Summit, under the following conditions:

  • Attribute Migraine World Summit as the owner and include a visible link back to the website Sample videos or photos are available upon request.
    • Quote Example: “In an interview during the 2020 Migraine World Summit, X expert said ‘Y’.”
    • Photo/Video Example: Copyright Migraine World Summit 2020. Used with permission.
  • The following uses are NOT permitted without express written permission:
    • Any commercial purposes, for sale, sublicense or in app of any kind for any advertising, or in exchange for payment of any kind.
    • Creation of derivative work, or modification of the Migraine World Summit site content in any way.
    • Embedding any content including video, audio or transcripts from the Migraine World Summit on your website or blog.
    • Publication of transcripts or transcript excerpts without written permission is not permitted. Transcripts remain the property of the Migraine World Summit. Copyright on the transcripts is owned by the Migraine World Summit and any edits, different usage rights or changes to these documents are not permitted without permission. You may request use of up to 200 words for non-commercial use at [email protected].
    • Video and audio content, including video footage, stills, audio segments or grabs are not permitted for reuse or republication under any circumstances unless express written permission has been received from the Migraine World Summit. You may request the use of up to one minute of video or audio for non-commercial use at [email protected].
    • Publication or excerpts from the Trigger Guides, Treatment Directory, Treatment Guideline Summary, Emergency Protocol or Nutrition & Dining Guide is not permitted. This content remains the property of the Migraine World Summit.

Social Media Guidelines

The Migraine World Summit welcomes and encourages the use of social media by our community. Migraine is still today plagued by stigma and discrimination. The more we can unite the global community and come together as a unifying voice the more success we’ll have raising funds, making breakthroughs and enjoying a better quality of life.

Below are several tips for your social engagement about the Summit:

  • Follow us on Facebook at
  • Follow us on Twitter at @MigraineSummit
    • Use the hash tag #MWS for Summit related tweets.
  • Blog or tweet about the speakers and topics with a link back to
  • Engage with other attendees in a respectful, supportive and constructive way.
  • Help reduce the migraine stigma and bust the most common myths. The words we use are more powerful than we think:
    • Instead of “migraineur” or “migraine sufferer,” try to use “people with migraine.” The disease is not the person.
    • Instead of “migraine headache” use “migraine” or “migraine attack.” It’s not just a headache.
  • Remember, your posts are public and in many cases, perpetual.
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