Tissa Wijeratne, MD, FRACP, FAAN

Chair, Department of Neurology
Western Health, Melbourne, Australia

Tissa Wijeratne (MD, FRACP, FRSM, FAAN, FAHA, FRCP) is the chair of the department of neurology at Western Health, Melbourne, Australia. He is the director of  academic medicine, director of international affairs, a senior neurologist, and the director of the stroke unit, neuroscience research unit, movement disorders program, and headache program at Western Hospital, Melbourne. Dr. Wijeratne has published 216 papers to date. He has presented more than 200 international lectures (brain-health related) in various parts of the world. His biggest contribution to the world is the 300+ physicians he trained throughout his career to date.

He led the historic first ever World Brain Day campaign (World Federation of Neurology/International Headache Society collaboration) on migraine, The Painful Truth of Migraine, with over 75 million people from all over the world embracing this historic campaign throughout 2019. Dr. Wijeratne is also the global chair of the Migraine Special Interest Group at the World Federation of Neurorehabilitation, the global chair for Public Awareness and Advocacy at the World Federation of Neurology and founder and chair of the Migraine Foundation.