Kerrie Smyres


Kerrie Smyres has lived with migraine and chronic daily headache for more than 25 years. She has always loved writing and needed a creative outlet after the migraines became so debilitating that she quit work, so The Daily Headache was born in June 2005. What began as a way to share her experiences quickly became the best job she ever had. She learned so much about migraine, headache disorders and chronic illness, discovered new coping strategies and treatments, and met incredible people. She found a particular interest in writing about the emotional experience of chronic illness. Kerrie loved it so much that she began writing for in 2011.

After spending six years in Seattle and a year in Boston, Kerrie moved back to her hometown of Phoenix in November 2010. Saying goodbye to Seattle was heartbreaking, but the cloudy and fickle weather in Boston were terrible migraine triggers. In Phoenix she is now reconnecting with dear friends, being close to family, and, having fewer migraine attacks with the more stable weather. Passionate, introspective, empathetic (sometimes overly so), fun-loving, stubborn and brave are the best adjectives to describe Kerrie. Her interests include baking, traveling, practicing yoga, reading, watching baseball and making messes with her craft of the month.