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The Migraine World Summit is an annual live event that is held each year in March or April. It is available for free online. The Migraine World Summit provides an opportunity to improve patients’ and caregivers’ understanding of migraine and headache disorders by providing access to leading migraine experts, doctors and specialists from around the world. 

Our mission is to reduce the global burden of migraine. By giving access to many of the world’s top experts, information is shared that can be discussed with the patients’ healthcare professionals to improve health and wellness.


Throughout the year, email marketers dedicate themselves to volunteer work for the Migraine World Summit. From June to January, their main focus is crafting concise, weekly emails that distill key insights from interviews conducted in March, gradually summarizing all interviews.

In the two months leading up to March, email frequency increases as we promote the upcoming Migraine World Summit, collaborate with partners, deepen engagement with current subscribers, and assist new ones in getting oriented.

During the event itself, daily emails are sent to announce the day’s events. Following the Migraine World Summit, emails persist in engaging participants with various Summit-related topics before transitioning back to the regular schedule of emails starting in June.

During this time, one team member drafts an email using interview transcripts, adhering to a well-defined format. Another team member meticulously reviews and edits the draft to ensure grammatical accuracy, factual correctness, comprehension, and overall polish.


  • You love writing and reading; language and grammar come naturally.
  • You have strong editing skills and enjoy the editing process. 
  • You have an eye for grammatical errors and like to make text clearer, more concise and engaging. 
  • You appreciate the give-and-take of being edited, thereby strengthening and refining your own writing skills as you strive to craft engaging emails.
  • You can use language to inform readers about various migraine-related topics.
  • You would be adept at distilling an email from the transcript of a 30-minute interview on a specific headache- or migraine-related topic.
  • You are happy to work remotely with a distributed team.  
  • You are comfortable working within deadlines to support project timelines.


  • Attend an initial MWS onboarding meeting. 
  • Attend one or more Email Marketing Team-specific training sessions.
  • Self-schedule in order to help complete assigned writing or review tasks according to team and Migraine World Summit timelines. 
  • Communicate project status and any issues meeting timelines to team leaders.
  • Participate in weekly status team meetings during the two-month lead-up to the Migraine World Summit.


  • Excellent written communication skills.
  • Ability to absorb complex information and distill into a clear and concise format.
  • Strong attention to detail. 
  • Solid knowledge of migraine.
  • Comfort with technology, especially the ability to use or learn Google Docs for writing and Slack for intra-team communication.
  • Ability to review content on a comprehensive level to ensure published materials are without errors and of the highest quality.
  • Capacity to stay engaged year-round. (And yes: we all need a break, so the team will cover during times of absence.)

PREFERRED EXPERIENCE (helpful, but not required)

  • Editing.
  • Professional writing.
  • Technical platform use.
  • Communications.


Location: Flexible

Timeframe/Hours: Approximately 4 hours/week


Join Our Team

At the last Migraine World Summit, we had more than 100,000 participants from more than 100 countries listen to 32 world-leading experts.

We heard in emails, video messages, and social media comments that this event opened up a world of hope and turned lives around.

This has been made possible only by the goodwill of our world-leading experts and volunteers who have generously shared their knowledge, time, and expertise. Thank you to everyone who was involved!

Now there is an opportunity for you to become directly involved with this life-changing work. We are looking for a few capable and generous volunteers to join the Migraine World Summit team that brings these experts to the world.

The roles are flexible and purpose-driven. If you join our team, you’re likely to pick up new skills, friends, and ideas for better health along the way. This could also be a great stepping stone if you’re looking to get back into the workforce. It can also be another meaningful way to move forward on your migraine journey.

Apply Now

We understand that for many, life presents daily challenges, and taking on more may not be feasible. If you believe that this commitment could impact your health in any way, we encourage you not to apply at this time. We value your consideration and prioritize your well-being. You are welcome to reapply when you feel better positioned to contribute next year.

If you possess the relevant skills and your health permits, we invite you to showcase your potential despite chronic illness by applying or sharing this opportunity with someone who may be interested. Please note that these roles are open globally and will be filled on a rolling basis—some immediately and others as needed. We appreciate your patience as we review all applications.

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